Results, Way Beyond The Realm Of Possibility!!!

"The Way I See It:

  Not only are the results of this election "Not Believable", but they are horrendously beyond any reasonable possibility.  I'm positive that I'm not the only person who feels like We The People are being completely bamboozled by the Left, the media and many never Trumpers.  I for one, cannot wrap my thoughts around the assumption that so many millions of Americans are so dead set on living in a Socialist/Communist Nation.  The very idea that literally millions of Americans voted for a 78 year old borderline senile demented candidate that isn't sure what office he was running, where he was at, at any given time. A man who confuses his wife with his sister, cannot complete a thought or a sentence and thinks that the best type of police reform would be to shoot a perp in the leg instead of taking a body shot.  A man who thinks it would be a great idea to destroy all of the fuel industries that provide over 80% of the nation's electricity and then build only electric vehicles.  In my mind, electric cars, trucks , boats are coal burning vehicles, when without the fuel to create the electricity, become worthless garage relics and driveway ornaments. 

  To top that off, his running mate, the would-be president by mental default is a far Left, Communist would-be dictator in drag.  Even the Democrats in her own party found her completely worthless to the point where she couldn't conjure up a 4% approval for the top spot and she had to be the first to retreat from the nomination race.  A women who is only able to answer poignant questions with her witchy, sinister cackle and guffaw.

 I simply can't believe that some professed 60 million American's could be so hateful toward President Trump, the only President that worked tirelessly for the Republic and the people he loved, that they would rather their Republic face demise at the hands of a stumblebum bafoon and his chosen female Socialist Jester-ette.

That's the way I see it..."

J. Francis Roth


Former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova says the 2020 presidential election results are simply "not believable," citing statistical analysis that will prove the fraud in court.

"We have statisticians and mathematicians going over the returns that are in and now available," he said in an interview Thursday with Newsmax TV's Grant Stinchfield. "What they are doing is they are going to show that the anomalies are so out of bounds that the results are not believable."

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DiGenova, who runs a Washington, D.C., law firm with his high-profile lawyer wife Victoria Toensing, said there is statistical analysis by expert witnesses that is "admissible in court to prove that there was fraud."

Toensing pointed out that in key battleground states where President Trump's campaign is challenging the outcome, "not one Republican" was allowed to observe the voting and counting process.

The two are assisting the president's legal team.




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