The Way I See It:
Joe Biden, a corrupt vice-president, a mediocre senator, cognitively challenged, that would not campaign, won the presidency with more votes than anyone in American history,
   There was an elephant in the room throughout the entire election cycle.  Name the elephant?  Well, it wasn't Dumbo, but it was dumb for people not to realize it was there the entire time, the elephant in this case was the jackass DNC, and the jackass was the compliant, complacent, cowtowing, Trump hating RNC. 
   The RNC's abundently obvious hatred for outsider Donald Trump over-powered the RNC's ability to seize the opportunity staring them right in the smug, arrogant pusses.  Republics, spent more time undermining Donald Trump's MAGA agenda than the Democrat Left.  For nearly two years, the whiny Republican leadership turned their backs on America's President, their own President. 
   When I consider that probably no more than 20 Republican Senators truly supported Donald Trump, and less than that in the House sincerely wanted Donald Trump to succeed, it amazes me how much President Trump accomplished with little or no support from the people's congress. 
   Joe Biden wasn't elected, he was appointed by the Left.  He didn't need to campaign, because the DNC leadership assured him that the fix was, he can't lose and the American people won't know or find out about the corruption until after the inauguration.  The DNC made sure their allies in the main stream media, big tech billionaires that controlled all facets of Social media, and anyone else they corrupt or buy off with promises of favorable treatment by the next administration, and I'm sure in many cases threats to those who may have hesitated either go along with the program, or we'll destroy you.  However, the corruption didn't go unnoticed,  some 70 million voters were able to see through the deception, many actually watched helplessly at home on their TV's as votes were magically switched from Trump to Biden.  This past election didn't just murder the Republic, but every single Conservative felt the knife plunge deep into their backs.  A knife wielded not just by the Democrat Left but also by the arrogant hateful elitests of the Right, congressmen and congresswomen in which the American patriots placed their trust.  We all saw it happen, including the RINO's, people watching this corrupted election play out, were unable to do anything to stop it from happening, but those politicians who were elected could've, should've protested, never did, not before the votes were counted, not during the corrupt state voting rules that were being changed in mid- election, not a single word from our trust-worthy Republican representatives.
   I have been a supporter of RNC for many years prior to this past election.  I still support conservative values, but I have seen very little evidence that Republican values still match up with mine.  It actually makes me angry when I get 20 voice mails, 100 texts and 200 emails from the RNC begging me for money, so that they can stop the implementation of the Socialist agenda that they were comlacent and compliant in allowing to happen.  I cannot in good conscience donate a dime to the RNC, RNCC, or any other organization affiliated with those initials.  The RNC for the most part have purposely deep sixed my vote, my trust and my loyalty. 
   Joe Biden, did not win an election, he did not receive all the votes the DNC claims he did.  He is an appointed empty suit, and the RNC is just as guilty as the DNC for the real innsurection, that happened to the American people, and now, right before our eyes, we stand watching and knowing that there will never be another fair and free election is this nation.  Thank you RNC for absolutely nothing! 
That's the way I see it...
J. Francis Roth   
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J. Francis Roth: Christian, Constitutionalist, Thinker, Opinionated Editorialist

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