The Way I See It:

As you all know, I've been asking this question for over 3 months.  Was anyone keeping track of the positive tested folks in the last 3 months, who've obediently followed all those restricting and stringent CDC mask protocols?  It looks as though there was and is an answer:  Masks will not protect you from contracting the Flu, the Common cold or Covid-19.


That's the way I see it...

Credit this article to: DC Insider News for Mainstreet America/Inside Scoop Politics website.

CDC Study Finds Majority of People Who Got COVID-19 Wore Masks



The CDC released a study in September that showed the mask mandates are doing little to prevent the spread of COVID-19, if anything at all.

The study, that was conducted in July in the U.S., found that over 70% of people in the control group contracted the virus and fell ill despite “always” wearing a mask in public.

“In the 14 days before illness onset, 71% of case-patients and 74% of control participants reported always using cloth face coverings or other mask types when in public,” the report stated.

Paging Democrat governors, Dr. Fauci, mainstream media fear mongers, and even TX governor Greg Abbott.


According to the study, under 4% of the patients became sick with COVID-19 even though they never wore a mask or face covering.

Despite this new scientific information, the CDC, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci, and many political authorities are still encouraging people to wear masks. Many states and cities have even mandated masks, citing them as one of the main tools to “slow the spread” of coronavirus and keep case numbers in their area down.

In the last week, we also had a top official at the WHO come out and say that lockdowns are not a suggested method to stop the spread of the virus and are causing a terrible catastrophe.

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  • Lockdowns and mandatory muzzling was never about slowing the spread clearly all about urshing in the "new normal" another way to say the 21st century of new world order. That is just how I see it!

    Our freedoms as enshrined in the bill of rights are at stake.

  • Good Post! In retrospect, I think if any World Leaders believed 100% in Masks reducing this crazy chinaflu- perhaps it would have been cheaper all around to just send the proper N95 masks to every citizen...  or at the minimum instruct citizens as to exactly what they need...We know these masks made of hankis do not do a thing- may I add here that the cloth mask doesn't even prevent bad breath from escaping!!LOL!! I think we can all see different ways this could have been handled... 

    With the recent failures in a vaccine- I do not think that is the answer. I am now under the impression that we need to direct that money to care and treatment and learning how to live with this virus- because my gut is telling me this is now something we need to learn to live with...I do not believe there is ever going to be a "Go Back to Normal reset-button". Put the money back into research- quit pushing for a vaccine- spend the time that is required and in the meantime- figure out how to open our country. Perhaps put those who have recovered back to work- instead of vulnerable people?

    • Covid-19, in my opinion is another strain of the flu and the common cold as all three are Corona type virus', I do believe it's here to stay.  Just as American's and other world populations, we've learned to live with the cold and the flu.  I agree that the research in therapeudics and similar treatments should be uppermost in thoughts of new medicines.  There are a number of virus' and diceases that having a vaccine would be nice, but they haven't been developed yet, i.e., HIV,  it's been well over 2 decades, and no viable vaccine has been found. Not even the infamous N-95 mask is capable of preventing a single droplet of aerosoled Covid-19, common cold or SARS, H1N1 or the ever-changing flu strains that have plagued the world endlessly for centurys.  In the end, common sense should prevail, if in fact we of the sane, can convice the lunatics of the Left to cease weaponiizing useless mitigating slow the spread techniques, and power hungry programs to control everyone, and to concentrate on providing sane and truthful reporting connected to Covid-19.  The first thing should be telling the public that testing positive for Covid-19, is NOT a death sentence, far, far from it.  American's need truth and honesty.  MY considered opinion, the truth will never be told, especially not by the Left or the Leftist media.    

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