Qualified Americans.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said, “Every qualified American who wants to serve our country should have an opportunity if they fit the qualifications and can do it.”

I agree with Sec. Hagel on this point. Every QUALIFIED American should have the opportunity to reach for their dream. Collage applications, job opportunities, investments, Marriage, home ownership, or whatever they want. All should have the equal chance of achieving whatever they qualify for.

When I first retired from the Army I sent my resume to Coca-Cola Corporation applying for the position of CEO; I have yet to hear back from them. While I knew I was not qualified for the position I figured I might as well start at the top, then any other rejection would not seem so bad. I did not expect a major American company to lower the standards for such an important position as to allow me the job just for the sake of diversity.

However every day unqualified Americans expect to have the standards lowered just to allow them an opportunity that they are not capable of doing. When they fail, the standards are again lowered to prove that they really succeeded. Education is an example of this, entrance standards are lowered in collages to allow minority students in just ‘for diversity”, when they fail standardized testing, because they  do not have the basic skills required, the test standards are lowered so failing becomes passing. Students get a diploma but not an education.

The so called “boys club” jobs, police and firefighters, have seen the standards lowered until women could qualify, women unable to haul a hose up a ladder, or carry an unconscious person down a set of steps,  women injured in the line of duty because they are not up to the physical requirements of the job, but the requirements were lowered anyway.

Now we again see the requirements being lowered again so unqualified people can qualify. People like Snowden unable to qualify for a security clearance until the standards were lowered far enough. People like PVT. Bradley Manning again unqualified for the position he held.

Unqualified people seem to be the hallmark of our current government though. Felons for advisors to the president, Tax cheats like Tim Geithner for Treasury Secretary, Traitors like John Kerry for Secretary of State, a Supreme Court appointee who’s only qualifications were her sex and race, an Attorney General who has no respect for the law.

We should set standards based on the requirements of the position; race, sex, or sexual preference should have no bearing, unless it is required for the job or demonstrably advantageous to the position. We should never change the standard so someone unqualified can have the position, but only if the requirements or duties change.

I do not support discrimination, I do support discernment, I do support having standards that have reason, I do support requirements for national security and safety.

I do support that ever qualified American should have the opportunity to serve their country, but only if they are qualified.

God Bless.

Just my thoughts for today.

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David Silvas
Grandfather, Retired Army 1SG, former broadcast engineer, Student of History and Life. Graduate of the School of Commons- Manners and Sense.

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  • I agree as well.  There are a few (emphasis on few) women who can physically do the work of a man.  They are for the most part not capable of handling a belligerant male who comes at them and I don't care how much training they have.  This can also be the case with some men.  My motto is if you can meet the standards fine:  If not, find another occupation.

  • The point here is that everything has been politicized. We will see more and more troops from foreign countries serving in our military. Some will be qualified others not. We will see military strip mall recruitment facilities closed domestically and facilities opened in foreign countries.

    I do not get my underpants in a twist when women are brought in to serve as firefighters, police officers or in the military service. Teams of people are called upon for varied responsibilities, there is room for all.

    Many women and gays are well educated. The services with all the latest technologies need educated folk.

    Lowering standards to get a person a degree is a disservice to an individual.

    • Pat, when I joined the Army the job I had required everyone to be able to lift 85 lbs by themselves. As technology changed the requirements were lowered to 55 lbs then 35 lbs. Because the demands of the job were what changed, there was no augment about that and more women and smaller men came into the field.

      I was on an infantry training exercise with women one time, the standards were lowered just to allow women in. At one point we were attacking a series of defensive positions,. I had used all of my grenades, but I was in the forward most position and able to hit the final target. One female soldier was next in line behind me and I was under heavy fire. I told her to throw me her grenades so I could get the target. She had none because she said they were too heavy to carry.

      We found out she had left behind her grenades, half her combat load of ammo and her field rations.

      If that had been a live fire situation I could have been killed because of her lack of ability to carry the weight requirement. She could not meet the job requirements; she should have not been there.

      Today the standards are lowered to allow women into the infantry so they can qualify for the Combat Infantry Badge. (See CPT. Linda Bray the female captain of a US military police unit, combat in Panama.)

      The Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) is a United States Army military award. The badge is awarded to infantrymen and Special Forces Soldiers in the rank of Colonel and below, who personally fought in active ground combat while assigned as members of either an infantry, Ranger or Special Forces unit, of brigade size or smaller, any time after 6 December 1941. The CIB and its non-combat contemporary, the Expert Infantryman Badge (EIB) were simultaneously created during World War II to enhance the morale and prestige of service in the infantry. Specifically, it recognizes the inherent sacrifices of all infantrymen, and that, in comparison to all other military occupational specialties, infantrymen face the greatest risk of being wounded or killed in action.

      Requirements must be an Infantry Soldier, Series 11 MOS., must be in active Combat with enemy forces, and must be assigned to an Infantry unit.

      Military Police are Series 31, Armor is series 19, and Artillery is series 13. None are qualified for the CIB. I never qualified because I was never assigned to an Infantry unit in combat, Signal, MI, and PersCom, but not an infantry unit, even though I carried 11B as a secondary MOS.

      Today police and firemen have lowered the standards so it now takes a “Team” to do what one person did before, that incurs higher costs and reduces capabilities. “That is a two person job, I have to wait for help.”

      The three greatest threats to security are sex, money and fear; People can be tempted by sex, bought with money, or blackmailed into action. Security background checks used to include a person’s finances, morals, ethics, and associates; drug use, financial misconduct or problems, sexual misconduct including promiscuity and adultery, and having the wrong kinds of friends, were all grounds for denying a security clearance. Obama’s self-admitted drug use, sexual promiscuity and association with people like Bill Ayers would have prevented him from receiving a military clearance, if he had tried to join.

      I have no argument with people doing anything they are qualified for, but as you said “Lowering standards to get a person a degree is a disservice to an individual.”  Lowering standards for diversity is a disservice to society, and endangers all of us.

      • Hugh, If I were caught in a burning bldg having burly guys carry me out believe me I would be grateful. Once out of harms way having a women check my health vitals would be desirable.

        You alluded to things that could prevent obtaining a security clearance. Being gay was once such thing. Thought by the establishment as a possible situation for blackmail. As long as it was designated a such it could be. Once removed from designation it was no longer an issue.

        I for one am for women serving in combat. I suspect if a time should present itself having women fight along side the men, men would welcome the help. This was certainly true during WWII when many women were in the resistances movement. When Israel found itself fighting to be a Jewish State, actually fighting for their very right to live. Women were in the fight.

        All persons no matter their color, their gender or status are used at different times in history and discarded at other times.

        There is no doubt that men are stronger. However it is a proven fact that in the long haul women survive where men parish.

        Again lowering standards for admittance to a college or university does not always serve the individual. If I had tried to go to college as a young person I would not have been successful. As an older person I was. Although I got a degree in Computer Science with a grade point average of 3.5 I was far from a guru. Yet there existed many areas in software engineering were my skills was very useful. I was a great asset to a team. Did the team lower their standards. No way.

        • No Pat, I did not allude to things that would prevent a person from getting a security, I clearly stated things that would stop a person. While being gay in the past would have prevented a clearance, that is no longer the case, times change, however sexual promiscuity will stop a person, no matter if they are heterosexual or homosexual. Homosexuality is only usable for blackmail if the person involved is ashamed of their actions, that is because of a change in attitudes of society, not because of a change in policy.

          I am opposed to women in combat there are things in combat no one should have to do or live with afterwards, it is often worse for women, see the information on PTSD. If it is an emergency anyone who can pull a trigger is welcome in the fight, but emergencies should not be a part of the plan. Israel was and is a separate situation, they are fighting for existence, men, women and children are often in battle and the early fights in the 60’s it was fight or die. That qualifies as an emergency. I would never advocate children in combat, but Israel, and the children’s crusades are examples of children in battle. There are exemptions to all rules in history.

          You said “However it is a proven fact that in the long haul women survive where men parish” give me examples of this. Ones where the women’s survival did not depend on men’s sacrifices to let them live. Women and children first.

          I am glad that you achieved the standard and the team did not have to lower the standard to let you in, the point being you were qualified and should not have been shut out just because of your sex. Sex of a programmer or IT position is immaterial to the job.

          • Hugh, Endurance over the long haul, advantage goes to women. Short haul men. Women participating in marathons do very well after 26 mile mark. Plenty of studies out there.

            Long distance  female swimmers do  well.

            Truth is competitions have been broken in to gender events. Long distance marathons an exception to the rule. Women are showing in the top ten if the marathon is well over 26 miles. Some day I predict a win for a woman.

            • Nijmegen 4 day march, any marathon, Long slow distance running (LSDR) competition, triathlons, long distance swimming, speed walking, Iron man competitions, Tour de France or any other Bicycle race, many of these have open competition; men or women equal start. Name a woman who finished in the top 100 in any open competition.

              Women athletes can outperform the average man in her field of specialty; but the woman’s fastest swimmer cannot out lift the average man, the world’s strongest woman cannot outrun the average man.

              One of America’s all-time greatest athletes, Jackie Joyner-Kersee established the world heptathlon record during the 1988 Seoul Olympics when she totaled 7291 points. She remains one of three women to ever clear 7000 points in the heptathlon, a feat she accomplished six times. Point being only three women ever cleared 7000 points, and most athletes stay away from multiple events.

              The current woman’s record for women’s decathlon is 8,366 in 2006 by Austra Skujytė a Lithuanian woman, a score that was passed by men in 1958. Men and women use the same scoring system. Ashton Eaton holds the men’s record of 9,039 set in 2012.

              You said “Women participating in marathons do very well after 26 mile mark. Plenty of studies out there.” Please cite one such study I would be interested in reading it.

              A Marathon is a race of 26 miles and 385 yards, Marathon records show Wilson Kipsang of Kenya with a time of 2:03:23 set in 2013 world record for men; women’s record is held by Paula Radcliffe of the U.K.  with a time of 2:15:25 set in 2003 a record passed by men again in 1958.

              I did not plan on this being a battle of the sexes, but I do want to have the record straight.

              • Marathons participation participants usually happy with finishing in allotted time, nice that they have a win. It is true that women have a lot of ground to make up but they are making a good effort. Marathons are held all over the world. Marathoners are and must be committed for they are grueling. I participated in a number of 100k bike rides and finishing was my goal I might add that I did so riding a mountain bike.

                I had a friend and her husband who were long distance marathoners and participated in Iron Man like events.. She did so with her baby strapped to her body. They took the bundle of joy with them. I was always impressed with her and her husbands fortitude and the baby  well lucky indeed.

                No women will continue to make strides for they have already.

                Some number of women have made impressive gains. I urge you to look st the Wikipedia entry. Will say no matter which gender you are competing in a marathon is impressive for it requires a heck of a commitment.

                I agree that this should not be about battle between the genders. We all can enjoy their accomplishment no matter the gender, race or age.

                As far as the Tour de France highly competitive and riddled with controversy.

  • I agree! We should never change the standard so someone unqualified can have the position

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