7077061865?profile=originalWorld's Most Powerful Man Threatens NATO, Ukraine

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  • Norma, There are rumblings in Congress about sending weapons to the Ukraine -- if O does not do before January expect that the members of the Armed Services Committee to put a lot of pressure to do so. In fact I expect a lot of rumblings even before then.

    I think they should let the liquid in the soup boil off. Having somewhat of a two state Ukraine would be better for now than war. Europe does not won't a war.

    My goodness the history of Finland and Russia goes deep. WWII the Fin's at one time sent units of troops to join the Nazi SS to fight in the East. When Finland realized that Germany was in deep doo they pulled most back some stayed on their own only later to return to Finland. At one point Russia turned towards Finland in WWII and in the end Finland squeaked by with  a Treaty and loss of some land. Other countries who had helped the Nazi's did not fare well after the war.

    Finland troops who survived after WWII who had joined the SS escaped any retribution from the war crimes in WWII saying they did not participate.

    I am afraid that the history of wars in Europe has polluted the thinking of many. Same with our own folks and the cold war.

  • It's probably been decided by "the powers that be" that Ukraine is not woth confronting Russia,  Very sad.

  • I think its unfortunate that under O, the second ranking most powerful leader by Forbes, that possibly due to arrogance and competition for who's the baddest most powerful that we have failed to listen to advice/warnings from Russia on Syria and clearly what would result in the Boston bombings. The Ukraine and Crimea issues may have been lessened as well. Now the most powerful leader, Mr Putin, is waging quite a show. Frankly I do believe our flexing by Mr O is adding fuel.

    A lexicon I read today "Those who get too big for their pants will be exposed in the end." and I do think Mr O's "end" is showing.

    Not to worry the war hawks of the GOP are biding their time until January to let Mr O know how leadership for top ranking powerful can be restored. I predict the outcome will get worse. Certainly more costly in dollar outflows from the U.S. So much for reducing the debt.

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