It really all depends on what you want to believe, more so than what is true. I have read several reports on the shooting at Waco TX, however this one from New Orleans, a heavily democrat and black population area reported the news with a different perspective.

The Times-Picayune. New Orleans, Louisiana

Texas cops shot bikers during Waco gang brawl that left 9 dead, police say.

WACO, Texas — At least some of the bikers involved in a gang fight Sunday that left nine people dead and 18 injured were shot by police, authorities said.

The violence erupted shortly after noon at a busy Waco shopping center along Interstate 35 that draws a large lunchtime crowd. Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said eight people died at the scene of the shooting at Twin Peaks restaurant and another person died at a hospital.

Preliminary findings indicate a dispute broke out in a bathroom and then spilled into the restaurant where it escalated to include knives and firearms, he said. There were 150 to 200 gang members inside the restaurant at the time.

During the melee, officers shot armed bikers, Swanton said, adding that the actions of law enforcement prevented further deaths. It was not known if any of the nine dead were killed by police officers.

Police fired upon bikers when weapons were pointed toward them, police told the Austin American-Statesman. However, amid the chaos, it wasn't clear who shot whom.


In five paragraphs they implied that Police officers shot bikers 5 times, counting the headlines. The rest of the report implies that the bikers were just having a quiet evening, eating chicken wings at a local restaurant, discussing business in a peaceful manner, when a minor disagreement arouse and while the patrons were leaving the restaurant the fascist police stated the shooting trying to kill innocent people.

Just a matter of perspective… Black Liberal Democrat perspective…

Just as there is a war on Christians, there is a war on law enforcement now also. It is for the same reason. Christians represent a value system of order and rules, specific guidelines on proper behavior; Law enforcement personnel represent law and order, again specific rules on proper conduct. Order defines good, Chaos defines evil; and the liberals prefer chaos, a total lack of rules and order to govern society. Without rules they can use situational ethics to justify their behavior, “Good” becomes what they want and bad or “Evil” is what someone else wants.

You do not have to be Christian to see that the rules set in the Bible are good for Society, not man’s interpretation of them or man’s rules added to them; but the straight forward teachings of Christ are rules of good order. Law and order are the basis of civilization and that is what evil wants to destroy. So of course there is a war on Christians and Law enforcement the representatives of order.

That’s my perspective…

God Bless.

Just my thoughts for today.

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David Silvas
Grandfather, Retired Army 1SG, former broadcast engineer, Student of History and Life. Graduate of the School of Commons- Manners and Sense.

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  • Hugh, I apologize that I have been remiss in posting a response to your latest editorials. I wait in anticipation for you to add an editorial. I have been in a real funk. Younger sister is in hospice and lingering each day to die. I feel helpless and thus in despair. It feels selfish on my part. Her death is inevitable and on one level I do not want her to pass on and on the other hand I do not want her to suffer. 

    With that said you are right the key word is 'perspective'. And with perspective there are so many variables. True there is a break down in society. I believe breakdowns across the board. The breakdowns include institutions of government, business, faith based, family ... with these breakdowns societal breakdowns track on their heels. It is a vicious cycle. 

    Now what happened in Waco no surprise that this blow out occurred. It was like others that have happened in the past. The way the authorities responded also predictable. Response from the left wing predictable. Conservatives response predictable. The gangs of bikers are institutions with laws unto themselves. They are business' that each must try and protect at all cost. They track behaviors of the state.

    I think that the 'state' is under attack but it is the 'state' that has failed along the way. The state in seizing power unto its self has managed to place itself in an unmanageable position. The state reaction is predictable, protect itself. Predictable that this protectionism will grow exponentially. As the state power grows so will the bad or viewed as justified reactions against the state grow.

    The biker groups are institutions unto themselves. They are each an enterprise with members that become members for a variety of reasons. Their interest obviously antithetical to the state order. But it is none-the-less a symbiotic relationship both state and and gangs depending on the other to grow in size and power.

    America's government is so busy mucking in the interference of other countries around the globe and I might add with few successes that they have totally failed at home. 

    Man acts in ungodly ways and so do many running faith based institutions. A man can go to church, read his good book and yet act in evil ways. Man appears to me to gravitate towards hunger for power and greed and failings for pleasures. Oh for sure there are many in society who do great and compassionate acts. Even groups of the compassionate acting are infiltrated by the state and to some degree by business and this has a corrupting effect. In some ways they appear to sale their souls. 

    The left is confusing. Many have used the unlawful actors for their own selfish purposes. Take the issue of drugs. Many consumers had to have them at great cost to the suppliers in the supply chain. The consumer of the drugs most often skirted the penalties of the law while the supplier more often paid the price. Now that they have  legalized marijuana in Colorado how many of those who took the risk in the supply chain, spent time in the justice system run now legalized business? Bet few to zero. It's the selfish lefties who do and the very ones who risked all will go in to other illegal distributions. Vicious cycle and society breakdowns further.

    It is said in a 12 step program that one must hit their bottom before they can be committed to acceptance and choose a road back to healing. Sad to say our nation may have to hit bottom. I feel that arrogance, acceptance, lack of ownership for destructive behavior, greed and power will prevent the inevitable downfall.

    Vicious cycles in play top to bottom.

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