Patriots Do Not Storm The Capitol:  That was a title of an article on the WND News Website:  The following is my opinion of that statement:

The Way I See It:
Patriots also do not destroy, burn, loot, kill and maim fellow citizens. Patriots, also do not rig elections as the one we just saw, Patriots, also do not tell lies, make up stories without fact. Patriots are supposed to encourage peaceful transitions of power, so why was there no peaceful transition from 2016? Patriots are expected to be loyal to their nation, to their duly elected Commander In Chief. "Patriot" is a word that has lost it's meaning when it comes to the political elite. If politicians are patriotic, it's not to the Republic, it's not to the constituents who placed their trust in them, politicians are patriots unto themselves, and only unto themselves. In essence, American Patriots disenfranchised all, by the hundreds of thousands participated in a peaceful march in D.C. on 01/06/2021;  The few in comparison to the multitude with intentions to usurp the march from the get-go, were not patriot's, they were anarchists, and regardless of their garb, regardless of the Trump and MAGA flags they carried, they cannot and should not be officially referred to as Trump Supporters, not by the media, not by turncoat politicians. If there is, and I say "if", an actual investigation into who breached the walls and the doors of the Capitol Building, it will leak out that the few were Leftist infiltrators there to do harm, and they succeeded. I, for one will stand in awe if the Socialists that now run the nation will admit truthfully who these criminals really were.
That's the way I see it...

J. Francis Roth

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J. Francis Roth: Christian, Constitutionalist, Thinker, Opinionated Editorialist

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  • Good way to see it. We will never know the full truth. It is said that the MSM is our enemy, they are. Much of our national gov't is also our enemy.The behaviors used in the national gov't has creeped into our states, county's and local gov'ts.

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