The Way I See It:

Yes, there was an insurrection, but January 6, 2021 wasn't it.  Insurrections are the result of painstaking planning and coordination over many months or years, and of course patience, lots of patience.  Ground work must take place, total control of many facets within the government targeted for over-throw, as the timing is essential to the success of any attempt to depose a long standing government and replace it with another.

  The goal of any insurrection is to become irreversible"

It becomes irreversible when you've defeated both authority and the need for authority, property and the taste for appropriation,hegemony and the desire for hegemony.  That is why the insurrectionary process carries within itself the form of its victory, or that of its defeat.  

Destruction has never been enough to make things irreversible.  What matters is how it's done.  Thus, wherever the economy is blocked and the police are neutralized, it is important to invest as little pathos as possible in overthrowing the authorities.  They must be deposed with the most scupulous indifference and derision.  (The Invisible Committee)...

  Oh, yes there is an insurrection happening in America, but it's not perpetrated by the Right, it's being perpetrated by the Left.  Important to understand that planning a successful insurrection, takes time, determination, money and indoctrination.  This insurrection being talked about today has been in the planning for a minimum of 4 decades, perhaps, 5 decades.  Prior to pulling off an insurrection there has to be "sedition".  Sedition: Is organized incitement of rebellion or civil disorder against authority or the state, usually by speech or writing.  We have been watching "sedition" of America unfold right before our eyes.  Where you ask?  In text books, lectures, classroom curriculum, which resulted in Left/Socialist/Marxist political victories.  

The real push in this insurrection came with the election of Barack Hussein Obama, and the clue that insurrection was about to take place was Obama's fervent speech he made just five days before his election to the Presidency.  He told an audience of millions of Americans; "We are only five days away from fundamentally changeing America."   Let it be known, he wasn't joking around.  His speech was the clarion to the Left that the long awaited insurrection has begun.  Dividing American's into classes, causing chaos among the races, thereby erasing the strides made in the area's of race, creeds and colors of people dicrimination.

  This last Presidential Election was the final accomplishment needed to seal the "insurrection" we are wittnessing today.  The Left by deceit, deception and underhanded lawlessness has managed to take total control of all three branches of government, and have bolstered their hold over any governmental authority by securing the control of the Fourth Estate (Press).  They have successfully indoctrinated four decades of young people with false history, false civics, and hatred for their own Constitutional Republic (Country).

  I am constantly approached by folks who tell me:  The Left can't do that, why, it's uncontitutional!  "Time for an all encompassing reality check.  The U.S. Constitution is only the Law of the Land, if it is still respected and adhered too."  So, I hear but, but they took an oath to uphold the Constitution!  My answer is always:  "Yes the did, and they lied!"  In essence, "when all the governing branches, the Legislative, the Judicial and the Executive decide that the Constitution is now irrelevant, then America no longer has a viable and authoritative Constitutional, it, as written contains no iron words.

The "Insurrection" isn't coming my friends, it's already happened.  Don't believe me?  Look around...

That's the way I see it...

J. Francis Roth


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  • YEP...agree 100%.

    And we are now under the tryannicaL Fascist  jackboot of this new 'phase' of their insurrectionist coup.

    • Thanks for you reply.  I see that I've had numerous views, but only 2 comments.  I appreciate the comment you made, thanks again!


      • Glad to know someone else is thinking and willing to post along same lines.

        I called Pelosi when she was all hot and bothered about this....and left a messaged to the extent of, if you want a true example of a  insurrection just watch White House Down and Olympus has Fallen and  stop,with your crocadile tears ,Joseph Goebels propagnada and playing really bad  Political  Theater.

        •  Jerome  and justfolk 

           And I am sure most of the members here feel the same way... however, I have been watching our stats, and although we are growing rapdly- we have less commenting... I can only think that hopefully, folks are busy Locally because the only other reason I can come up with is that folks are fearful- I hope I am overlooking some other reasons.. but most have more time o their hands since this pandemic??? But just know our readership audience is great and growing... I look forward to post this months stats- they come out tomorrow!!!

          • Susan, I wasn't complaining, I'm elated every time I see the views stats.  Helps me to feel like I'm really not just speaking and preaching to the choir.

            Thanks for all you do!


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