By Daniel John Sobieski


 Remember when the liberals were warning us that Donald Trump was a dictator ot about to become one? We were told his attacks on “fake news” had a “chilling effect” on freedom of the press, that his suggestion that the National Guard be used to restore order as riots raged unchecked following the death of George Floyd was an illegal use of the military, that any invocation of the Insurrection Act was unconstitutional, and that his border wall was a monument to racist tyranny. Townhall.Com reminds us of just a few of the examples:

It’s Berlin 1933 all over again, and Donald Trump and his brownshirts (i.e. anyone who voted for him) are on the verge of extinguishing American Democracy and installing Trump as Maximum Leader.

“He behaves like a dictator,” tweets Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts.

“We need to accept the fact that this president, if given the opportunity, will try to be a dictator,” according to Congressman Ruben Gallego of Arizona.

“Authoritarians, often mentally unstable people with deeply narcissistic needs, transform this kind of chaos into dictatorships,” David Leege, professor of political science at Notre Dame, quoted in The New York Times.

Well, now, suddenly the liberals have a new fondness for walls and National Guard troops in our streets. Falsely calling the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol an “insurrection”, they exploited it to escalate a campaign to intimidate and silence Trump supporters and conservatives.  They turned the Biden inauguration and Washington D.C. into a Third World armed camp with high walls and socially distanced National Guardsmen protecting the politicians with protection they denied people in cities burned, looted and ravaged by Antifa and BLM-led riots earlier.

They are doing all the things that Donald J. Trump never did and what real dictators do. Progressive Democrats and their allies in Big Tech and the media are shutting down media outlets that hold alternate views or allow alternate views from the New York Post to Parler. Opposing thoughts are not allowed to be held or expressed in any forum. They are making enemies lists. Anyone who supported Trump, wore a MAGA hat, ot attended a Trump rally iis to be identified and shunned. They are to be denied educational and business opportunities, bank loans, mortgages or college loans. Their college degrees are to be rescinded. If they have jobs, they will be fired. This is the Orwellian nightmare the liberal brown shirts working in Biden’s gulag have in store for us. This is the dictatorship of the left.

Liberal tyrants plotted to remove Trump before he was even elected and now want to impeach him after he left office, an unconstitutional act. They concocted phony dossiers, a Russian collusion hoax, and a Ukraine hoax. Does anyone remember the liberal riots in Washington D.C. as President Trump took his oath of office?

“Peacefully and patriotically,” as President Trump urged his supporters to acy, are not words you heard when progressives like Kamala Harris formed their “resistance” against Trump or as our cities burned in Antifa and BLM led riots. The George Floyd/BLM protests cost 1-2 billion dollars in damage. They protested in over 140 Cities. Dozens of people died and over 14,000 were arrested, a federal courthouse in Portland was burned, as well as a historic church in Washington, D.C. but only the Capitol Hill protestors threatened our democracy. Nobody wanted to build walls or call the National Guard in 2017.

Those who warned Trump was or would be a dictator now want to silence any voice anyopinion not their own whether on social media, legacy media orin any public forum. They will censor conservative ability to speak, research, organize and even go after that old Constitutional right – the right to assemble and petition for redress of grievances. Shut up, they argue, aas we establish control over every aspect of your daily life before we send to the reeducation camp for deprogramming from your time in the Trump “cult”.


They want to punish and “cancel” anyone who supported Donald Trump, the latest big name example being Mike Lindell who, as well as being an early and ardent Trump supporter, has committed the sin of being a successful capitalist who believes in making a profit and whose life story is a rejection of dependency and victimhood and a stunning reminder that if you want to get back on your feet you first have to get off your butt. Brigitte Gabriel of ACTforAmerica details the liberal McCarthyism directed at he “MyPillow guy”:

Radical Leftists are waging an all-out assault on Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl's to “cancel” the wildly popular “My Pillow” line of products.

My Pillow was founded by Mike Lindell, a faithful Christian and pro-Trump businessman. It has been a pillar of society and earned international headlines when it shifted all of its production to masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mike Lindell deserves to be praised for his leadership. But instead, Radical Leftists want him canceled. That's why it's so important for all of us to urge Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl's to RESIST the Radical Left and STAND with My Pillow!

Lindell points the finger for the liberal witch hunt targeting him on a group of Internet vigilantes under the name Sleeping Giants who want to “cancel” him and others and remove them fom the public square for exercising their free speech righrs in support of President Donald  J. Trump. As the Washington Examiner reports:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said that two large retailers have pulled his products from shelves as he continues to question the results of the presidential election.

“I just got off the phone with Bed Bath and Beyond,” Lindell said during an interview with Right Side Broadcasting on Monday night. “They’re dropping MyPillow.”

“I just got off the phone not five minutes ago,” Lindell, a staunch supporter of President Trump, continued. “Kohl’s. All these different places.”…

The Minnesota businessman pointed the finger at Sleeping Giants, a social media activist organization that has been pushing for companies to stop selling his product, and called the group “the most evil people on the planet.”


Sleeping Giants responded to the criticism on Twitter and confirmed that Bed Bath and Beyond had indeed pulled the pillow from shelves.

“CONFIRMED: @BedBathBeyond has dropped MyPillow in light of the CEO, Mike Lindell, playing a part in the insurrection last week,” Sleeping Giants tweeted….

Earlier in the day, it was reported that Lindell had received a letter from Dominion Voting Systems, the election technology company at the center of several election conspiracy theories, informing him that the company would take legal action if he continued to spread his belief that the election was stolen from Trump via their products.

“You have positioned yourself as a prominent leader of the ongoing misinformation campaign,” the letter said. "Litigation regarding these issues is imminent."

Lindell was defiant in his response, telling the Washington Examiner that he is “going to keep fighting.”

"I'm going to keep going until the last little foot is trying to stomp me out,” he said.

Dominion Voting Systems, credibly accused by attorney Sidney Powell and others of providing voting machines that can be hacked and reprogrammed on a dime to provide whatever election results desired, is suing everybody who wants to discuss rhe mountains of evidence accumulated that that the 2020 election was manipulated and stolen. It has joined the left in intimidation and suppression of conservatives and forbidding any discussion or debate. It is as if the emperor was suing the individual who said he had no clothes.

The liberal tyrants want revenge and have a vast agenda of oppression and suppression in store for we cult members wo need to be deprogrammed, reeducated or made to pay for our thought crimes and support ofTrump. Are you now or have you ever been a conservative? Have you ever bought a pillow from Mike Lindell? Do you eat food made by Goya, whose Hispanic CEO praised and worked with Trump?

MSNBC anchor Nicole Wallace asserts that Republican and conservatives should be only allowed to speak the “truth” as determined by she and her ilk and should otherwise be monitored and censored:

During an interview with former Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes on MSNBC’s Inauguration coverage on Wednesday, host Nicolle Wallace discussed the dangers of “echo chambers” and said that it would be her policy “that a Republican must assert the truth before they’re allowed to share any other views.”

Echo chambers on the left are presumably okay. The Constitution was written to allow us to speak freely. Now we must ask permission to speak only what the left will allow us to say. Voltaire once said he may disagree with what you say, but he would defend to death your right to say it. Needless to say, Voltaire was not vey “woke”.


For those who remember the thrilling days of yesteryear when the Obama/Biden administration used the IRS to target, harass and intimidate its political opponents like the Tea Party, Sen. Sheldon Whiehouse, D-R.I., wants to use the IRS to target the pro-Trump activist Charlie Kirk and his group, Turning Point USA:

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., has called on the head of the IRS to review the tax-exempt status of Turning Point USA, a dark-money organization led by pro-Trump activist Charlie Kirk.

In a letter Tuesday to IRS commissioner Charles Rettig, Whitehouse said the 501(c)(3) nonprofit student group should have its tax-exempt status reviewed because he believes it broke Covid-regulations when it reportedly hosted two large events in Florida.

One of those gatherings, according to The Washington Post, was at Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump’s private club.

Horrors! Antifa and BLM can riot in large numbers in Democratic-run cities, but anywhere two or more Trump supporters are gathered, the IRS should be there also? And don’t forget the FBI, which has its schedule clear now that Biden has been inaugurated and there’s no need to pursue phony dossiers and Trump-Russia collusion hoaxes. House Oversight Committee chair Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., wants the FBI to investigate Parler, the free speech social media alternative to Twitter that was knocked off the Internet by Amazon Web Services:

The head of the House oversight committee asked the FBI on Thursday to conduct a review of the social media platform Parler, which advertises itself as an alternative to more mainstream sites that have banned some far-right extremists.

The committee’s chair, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., wrote to FBI Director Chris Wray asking him to look at how Parler was used before and during the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol when pro-Trump extremists stormed the building as Congress was certifying the results of the presidential election.

“Numerous Parler users have been arrested and charged with threatening violence against elected officials or for their role in participating directly in the January 6 attacks,” Maloney wrote.

Except none of that was true. Nobody arrested for the Jan’6 storming of the capitol used Parler to organize or communicate. Some made good use of Facebook and Twitter but don’t expect such posts by liberal loons to ever be identified, much less flagged, pulled down, or fact-checked. That’s only for conservatives who liberal media icon Katie Couric not only wants to see weeded out of broadcast and social media but also wants to see “deprogrammed” from the Trump cult:

The big tech and media push to see conservative thought weeded out of all the spaces they control is marching forward one day before President-elect Joe Biden assumes office with a promise to “heal” and “unite” Americans.

During an appearance Friday on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” former CBS News anchor Katie Couric rebuked Republicans who failed to vote in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump and suggested the 74 million Americans who voted for the outgoing commander-in-chief need to be “deprogrammed.”

“The question is how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?” Couric asked.

Well, how about taking their children away from them and putting them in actual reeducation camps akin to the internment camps the great liberal FDR did to Japanese-American citizens during World War II? PBS Attorney Michael Beller proposes doing just that in a video from the undercover investigative team at James O’Keefe’’s Project Veritas. As totalitarians throughout history have done, he proposes kidnapping the children and brainwashing them into liberal group think:

Elsewhere in the video, Beller shares his extreme views on what should be done with Trump's supporters and their children.

"Even if Biden wins, we go for all the Republican voters and Homeland Security will take away their children," Beller says in the video. "And then we'll put them into reeducation camps."

As for their parents, their business careers and employment opportunities will disappear under liberal supptession and oppression. While Steve Forbes has been a strong supporter of Trump’s, endorsing in both 2016 and 2020, the   fact is that Steve and the Forbes family no longer own Forbes the media company. which is calling for an enemies list to purge the  business world of anyone identified as a Trump supporter:

Corporate media and the Left aren’t satisfied with merely controlling the White House and both chambers of Congress in less than two weeks. They want revenge.

They also want to punish anyone who worked in the Trump administration and, to a lesser extent, the 45th president’s supporters.

On Thursday, in what was the most recent and possibly the most egregious example, Randall Lane, Forbes’ chief content officer, announced that Forbes Media was “holding those who lied for Trump accountable” in what he called “a truth reckoning.”

This is the leftist gulag Lane and his leftist loon allies would create and are creating as we speak:

As American democracy rebounds, we need to return to a standard of truth when it comes to how the government communicates with the governed. The easiest way to do that, from where I sit, is to create repercussions for those who don’t follow the civic norms. Trump’s lawyers lie gleefully to the press and public, but those lies, magically, almost never made it into briefs and arguments – contempt, perjury and disbarment keep the professional standards high.

So what’s the parallel in the dark arts of communication? Simple: Don’t let the chronic liars cash in on their dishonesty. Press secretaries like Joe Lockhart, Ari Fleischer and Jay Carney, who left the White House with their reputations in various stages of intact, made millions taking their skills — and credibility — to corporate America. Trump’s liars don’t merit that same golden parachute. Let it be known to the business world: Hire any of Trump’s fellow fabulists above, and Forbes will assume that everything your company or firm talks about is a lie. We’re going to scrutinize, double-check, investigate with the same skepticism we’d approach a Trump tweet.

Forbes proposes making an enemies list and checking iy twice and see whose been naught or nice in their relationship with Trump and his administration.

Groups with Forbes’ mindset are already scouring the public record and social media, compiling their own enemies lists. Expect “woke” businesses to be using such information when you go to get a business or student loan or mortgage or apply for a job.

So you say you were afraid of a Trump dictatorship? Sleep on it, just don’t sleep on a MyPillow.


        Daniel John Sobieski is a former editorial writer for Investor’s Business Daily and free lance writer whose pieces have appeared in Human Events, Reason Magazine, and the Chicago Sun-Times among other publications.               

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  • My sister had a saying: "Don't let them dump their guilt on you."  These idiots do it constanly and think we are too stupid to notice.

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