It is dangerous to be right

“It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.”  ― Voltaire, The Age of Louis XIV

Established authorities are more interested in retaining their power and wealth than they are in finding truth.  In such cases, the authorities will generally be very much on the defensive because they will feel endangered by someone who is questioning their sometimes deliberate mistaken beliefs. They will often stop at nothing to destroy those who are a threat to this power.  Someone who can prove their ideas wrong is clearly a threat to that power and they will react strongly.

Antarctic land mass ice is increasing faster than the ocean ice shelf is melting. Artic Ocean ice is getting so thick that the US and Russia are both building newer, stronger Icebreaking ships to keep shipping lanes clear. The ice is building up fast and dropping the sea levels. – but don’t challenge Global warming.

“All cops are not murderers,” Tarantino told the Los Angeles Times. “I never said that. I never even implied that.

“What they’re doing is pretty obvious. Instead of dealing with the incidents of police brutality that those people were bringing up, instead of examining the problem of police brutality in this country, better they single me out. And their message is very clear. It’s to shut me down. It’s to discredit me. It is to intimidate me. It is to shut my mouth and, even more important than that, it is to send a message out to any other prominent person that might feel the need to join that side of the argument.”

That’s the left’s playbook, conservatives know it well. Shut the F up you raciest, homophobe, misogynists, pedophile! Got any other names to call me?

The GOP debates are being twisted by the Media, a point made very obvious by CNBC.

“Have you noticed that every one of these candidates say, ‘Obama is weak. Putin is kicking sand in his face. When I talk to Putin, he’s going to straighten out.’ And then it turns out they can’t handle a bunch of CNBC moderators,” Obama said, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“If you can’t handle those guys, I don't think the Chinese and the Russians are going to be too worried about you,” the President said.

This from a President who was interviewed by a woman who is famous for bathing in breakfast cereal while she eats it; she gave Obama a gift of green lipstick for Michelle, who she referred to as "his first wife". The President took it in stride, asking GloZell: "Do you know something I don't?"

Yeah Obama knows about tough questions. The GOP candidates handled the CNBC moderators much better than Obama has handled anything. Just do not ask about the economy, jobs, national security, Benghazi, Foreign policy, or anything of importance. Was Ferguson just a dress rehearsal for a police state? DON”T ask that question?

Global warming, Black lives matter, Police brutality … And the beat goes on, the beat goes on, Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain La de da de de, la de da de da … the politics is settled, I mean the science.

God bless.

Just my thoughts for today.

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David Silvas
Grandfather, Retired Army 1SG, former broadcast engineer, Student of History and Life. Graduate of the School of Commons- Manners and Sense.

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  • As we've been told by Liberals about their choice of TV programs, you can turn the channel or turn the TV off. Well, we can ignore TV and movies or we can watch and listen. If you are not "Black Live's Matter" fan you are racist. If you don't like gays you are homophobic. If you don't like Hispanics you are an ethnic racist. If you don't like transvestites you are both racist and homophobics. If you don't like Muslims then of course you are Islamaphobic. Once you get off the all the phobias you can then enjoy the constant violence with Liberals venting their anger while telling the viewers they should seek anger management.

    Their is nothing like trying to survive a twisted society while listening to mentally damaged minds like the ones splashing all across our TV and Movie screens. It's not enough to feel compassion and sympathy, one must also practice patience. Like with our children, we must teach them over and over again and pray they get it.  

  • Hugh, Once again a great editorial and I appreciate. You are so right  challenge this President and all he has in his wallet is lame blasts.

    Putin warned Obama about trying to remove Assad saying "You do not want to do that" and what did Obama do keep beating the drums to remove Assad. I fear that now Obama is causing more mayhem in Syria by getting in Russia's way. Now Assad is just another ugly ruler but we support many such rulers. The US and EU left Libya a total wreck. US arms and equipment are finding their way to terrorist organizations. But hey its more important for this lame President to attack GOP'er debaters than to slam Islam. In my thinking O is the most dangerous person to the stability of America and indeed the planet.

    Today I am plain down angry that Saudi Arabia was allowed to purchase a 10,000 a. ranch in La Paz County, Vicksburg, AZ and growing alfalfa which is shipped, all of it, to SA. Alfalfa is a high intensity water needed crop. AZ has been pretty much in a drought for some 20 years. The locals in Vicksburg say the water table is decreasing. SA has depleted significantly their own aquifers.Why would government at the local, state, national level let this go on? Money, follow the money.

    Fill our heads with constant scandal accusations, tell Americans we are in a prolonged war yet not actual do what is necessary to win a war, politicians of both party's attacking each other constant drama. Its all about deceit to rob Americans.

  • While I agree with your assessment of the persons in question, I always enjoy seeing the lefties eat each other, they get real surprised at the intolerance of their buddies. I did accidentally see a Tarantino film once, it seemed a cross between 2001 and Rocky horror picture show; A nothing production in drag.

  • Tarantino is a "Rich IDIOT" who makes his living making "training films" for deviant fools to learn the skill of murder and mayhem. 

    It would be interesting to know how many murders and other mayhem he has inspired in the population.  He should be aware of the problems his movies cause in society . . . but, like Michael "Moron", he really doesn't care because their is always someone else to blame.

  • Tarrantino is complete idiot. Another Mikey Moore trying to make a name for himself. Stupid cannot be fixed it has to be buried six foot down.

This reply was deleted.


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