Somethings you can never replace, like the greatest nation on earth-America. There is no other place to escape. The greatest, most valuable treasures we have, freedom and liberty, are threatened and when they're gone there is nothing that can replace them. 


   The idea of the traditional family, that is the pillar of society and  the strength of any nation, is being attacked and destroyed. Socialist liberals are using government incentives to do it. If you can destroy the concept of the family you can destroy bibical morality. The strength of the family comes from the one book that defines family, the HOLY BIBLE. The breakdown of the family causes instability in the very fabric of the nation.


   Education has been redefined with liberal ideologies rather than actually educating the children. The very things that kept society together were replaced with no-blame, no shame, no-pain society and respect for authority both inside and outside the classroom is collapsing.


   The attack on the American spirit is the quest of the Marxist to destroy the ambition, imgagination, and creativeness that exist by individuals to improve their lives and reap the rewards of their hard work. But with excessive taxes and regulation and anyone who succeeds is undeserving and needs to be punished. By destroying the incentive to produce you can make people solely dependent on government. 


   We have gone left far enough, it's time to make a u-turn to the right and get back to the life we all strife for. This is why we all have to work very hard between now and the 2022 election to take back the US Senate and the House and elect the best of the best. We don't need to be concerned that the way they talk might hurt someone's feelings but be interested more in what they stand for and who they are.  Stop falling for the media and the Democratic smear machine and investigate for yourselves. Don't let them pick the candidates. The Democrats are already working on college campuses promoting Democratic candidates for the 2022 election.


   It's going to be a brutal battle between the right and the left in the 2022 election. It will be the final determination whether we remain a Constitutional Republic or become a socialist nation. To keep what freedom and liberties we still have is going to take a massive effort by the voter's that are sick and tired of the socialist agenda. To support the most conservative candidates, we need to volunteer and do what ever it takes. Then if we don't win in 2022 there is no stopping the socialist monster from devouring America.



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Lee Red

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  • Susan this site provides for like minded people to share their thoughts and concerns, also provides information that  people bring to the site that is important to know. There are messages of hope that things will get better, which help deal with the concerns of all the bad news that is out there. All that to say it's like an internet family that you can  converse with, and know that common sense still exist. Thank You for all you do. GOD BLESS

    • Lee Red You are Welcome! Thank you for stating what I seem to forget- that offering a safe harbor for our discussions and information is important-I tend to think I need to do more- be more...These forums are disappearing as folks become fearful under this tyrannical administration.

      I always say it is the members who make the site, you have become a Welcome part of our family!

  • Lee Red  Very Well Stated! We can clearly see the tactics used in de-personalizing human beings via this phony chinese virus...The younger generation thinks nothing of seeing Grandma behind a mask and untouchable behind a glass window- they will easily close their hearts because they are not old enough to have a heart! What they have learned over the last few years of demoralization will stick with them a lifetime- you give a kid candy- he develops a sweet tooth...

    My family wanted me to close this site- they fear for me. But I simply can't bring myself to do it...Personally, I think it is the perfect website domain name for Uniting People under one thought- Keep our Constitution Alive and Well at Any cost! You became a member after our big jump to this 3.0 version- the main purpose for this merge was to have the ability to accommodate  100's of groups within our State Group Hub. The problem is I am only one person!! and an old one at that!!!LOL!!!

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