Syria: As a Chinese warship joins Russian ships in the Mediterranean, we should remember a cruise missile attack on an Israeli warship.

President Obama should understand that Syria and Hezbollah have missiles, too.

As the Obama administration continues to deploy its comical weapons, with Secretary of State John Kerry promising America any attack on Syria will be "unbelievably small," a Chinese warship deploys off the Syrian coast, joining its Russian counterparts in what used to be an "American lake," the Mediterranean Sea.

The People's Liberation Army has dispatched the amphibious dock landing ship Jinggangshan, a move that follows the announcement that Russia is sending three more ships — two destroyers and the missile cruiser Moskva — to the eastern Mediterranean to bolster forces that already include three other warships dispatched over the last two weeks.

All are a pointed reminder that we are not the only player that has pieces on the board.

Launched in 2011, the 19,000-metric-ton Jinggangshan is a 689-foot-long warship that can carry 1,000 soldiers, helicopters, armored fighting vehicles, boats and landing craft, according to a report in the China Daily.

China is reportedly worried that a Syrian strike and its aftermath could send oil prices skyrocketing, which would be bad news for the Chinese economy.

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  • Karol, Didn't mean to upset you. I know completely your stand on Obama and I do agree with you.

    I made a mistake in interrupting your beginning sentence for clearly it was not what you meant.

    Hope you forgive my mistake.

  • Patricia, I did not refer to anything as comical in this article.  I think you must have misread it.  As a matter of fact, this whole thing has taken another turn today, and of course, Obama was hood winked by Putin, as I predicted.  Now they have twisted this agreement so that America can not strike Syria if everyone signs the agreement.  That was not in the original deal.  The real kicker is that Obama shot his big fat mouth off and can do nothing at all, Syria broke an International law, therefore, without the International Nations acting on this, it would be illegal for America to attack Syria.  I am not happy with anything Obama or his administration does, even the fact that they are breathing the same air we do.  Obama is in over his head, does not know how to govern, all he can do is talk, his educational records are sealed, because he has few and they are all failing.  He is an Islamic Muslin idiot and should never have been in our Congress, much less elected to the Presidency.  He has no diplomacy, foreign policy, no humane anything.  He is the most self centered moron in the world.  He is destroying the greatest nation in the world and it's military, we are so open to an attack from Russia, China, Iran or any nation with the guts to attack.  If several of them decide now is the time to attack America, we will be in for the worst fight of our lives. 

    PLEASE, do not ever accuse me thinking anything about that piece of crap is comical.


  • Karol, I wouldn't refer to the missiles O'Bomber wants to drop on Syria as "comical" they are conventional weapons of mass destruction. If you read a bit about the chem's they are lethal and death comes quickly or if one is not right in its mist the result can be an absorption that one may not realize that destroys ones bone. Horrible for sure. 

    I am glad that Russia has stepped up. I am very displeased the O'Bomber is taking the credit. Mr O'Bomber's actions could start a WWIII. At the minimum cause us to be more unsafe here at home and around the world because Islamist will take revenge. Iran will be ever more emboldened.

    Destabilizing oil flow and prices will surely make for less friendly relationships for the USA. O'Bomber's foreign policy is dangerous. 

    The Russians like the US has a right to protect their interest. Now with that said it is not palatable for them to cleanse their society of Islamist by genocide.

    It is not alright by me that O'Bomber using Drones fly over other nations dropping bombs at will.

    I also think the world is allowing Obama, the US, to redefine what war is to be.

    Obama's flavor of diplomacy, his foreign policy, stinks. On one side of the coin win their hearts and minds, use baloney PC language,  install  the MB and continue to import Jihad to this country. Where the heck is his condemnation of the Islamist inhumane behavior of raping women and girls. Hasn't happened.

    Obama is a danger to the world and so is McCain and  Graham.

  • What a surprise!  Can anyone believe Obama could have been "hood winked" by Putin?   I think Obama is out of his league with Putin.  Obama's "spoiled kid" attitude over Snowden has proven that. Putin probably had a good laugh over Obama's attitude, "you did not play by my rules, so I will take my toys and go home".  As bad as Obama's voice irritates me, I will listen to his speech tonight, as I can not wait to hear his spin on this. Time will tell what Putin and China are up to and I feel sure it will not take long.  If anyone read "Putins love letter to the American people" from yesterday,  he made it very clear how Russia and China feel about Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and the Chechyns.  So he would be glad to look the other way for Obama to wipe out Assad, if America would look the other way and let them wipe out all of the Muslims in their countries.  Putin is smart enough to know Obama will never turn his head and let them wipe out his Muslim partners and buddies.   He did not say, America owes him one, because of Assad agreeing to give up his WMD's to the international community, but it was there.  My suggestions to him was, he should immediately remove his troops from American soil, as we were not fools and under no false impressions they are here for our benefit.  Until then, it was extremely doubtful Americans would help him cross the street.

    My thoughts are Russia and China have not moved all those ships into the Med for nothing.  I think while Obama is concentrating on removing Syria's WMD's in conjunction with the UN, that Russia, China and Syria will bombard Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and brotherhood and wipe them out.  They are not worried about the innocents that might be in the way, as they have said many times, the main objective is to keep Assad in power.


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