Defense: Beijing tests a mobile missile capable of hitting the continental U.S. and prepares to deploy ballistic missile submarines that can do the same, while our commander-in-chief slashes our missile defenses.

In a speech before the Space and Missile Defense Symposium in Huntsville, Rep. Mike Rogers, R.-Ala., chairman of the House armed services subcommittee on strategic forces, warned that the Obama administration has cut $6 billion from U.S. missile defense programs at a time of growing missile threats from potential adversaries.

According to Rogers, Obama cut $1.16 billion from missile defense — a 10% reduction — in his first budget as president and has continued the reductions. "Over four fiscal years, this underfunding adds up to almost $6 billion less than President Bush planned for missile defense; this represents a 16% reduction," Rogers said.

Thanks largely to President George W. Bush and his push to fulfill President Ronald Reagan's dream, the continental U.S. and overseas allies are protected against missile attack by 30 deployed long-range Ground Based Interceptors (GBI), 32 ships armed with more than 100 SM-3 IA interceptors, and two dozen advanced SM-3 IB interceptors, dozens of Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptors, and eight X-band missile defense radars deployed abroad.

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  • Denis - How is about walking out of a most urgent summit at Rejkavik with Gorby,  with the potential for a nuclear confrontation at stake,  and making the Rusky look as impotent as the flacid Russian economy,  being kind,  compassionate,  or polite.   This is a blood sport and always will be.  Civility in an open and photographed environment is one thing,  reality is another.   And how is it you feel you can judge the size of my ego ?  All I do is state my opinon based on the facts I have at hand.  I leave feelings to the libtards.  When the fate of my country is at stake,  my ego is parked at the gate.


    "Russia and China are not enemies--YET!"

    ...THEY ARE belligerents... anti anything American, and have been since WW2... China even lists, publicly, America as enemy #1... 


    "By the way, one of our Ohio class trident subs has enuff fire power to reduce mother earth to an  ash heap..."

    ...ACTUALLY, that's NOT an accurate statement...


    "Park yur ego at the door please...."

    ...AN INFORMED EGO isn't a bad thing... it's the uninformed ones, or those that are only partially informed, or, worse, those with weird notions that have no basis in fact, that are a problem...




  • JT:  How would have RR handled Putin??  Probably the same as he and maggie and Pope JP2 handled Gorbechev...with great respect, love, and a good sense of common decency...Park yur ego at the door please....It might block any progress...

  • First of all.  Russia and China are not enemies--YET!   some stupid diplomanic moves by US state dept could turn them against us...Let us hope the next "war" is a mis-info war full of cyber skullduggery...  By the way, one of our Ohio class trident subs has enuff fire power to reduce mother earth to an  ash heap...Nobody talks much about the MAD concept; but,nevertheless  it has not disappeared...The face of war is indeed changing..Obama is about as far from being a warrior as pluto is from sun...Putin is indeed a warrior...but then, where is his grudge against the US....Not there, gladly!  This is nothing but competition between arms dealers...One proxy war after another....Fun and Games for the big-shots!

  • Suzie, Yes they shorten our range. No country like Russia, Iran, North Korea or China listen to any crap from Washington they do take notes of our weakness and like China steel every technological innovation.

    Obama's foreign policy is run from the UN and CAIR.

  • Russia as well is going full speed ahead on any deployment of their weapons.  But do not despair - the R & D Gurus in the war dept. have made some remarkable new and devastating weapons that will make war nearly human free on a battlefield.  Downright scary sci-fi stuff.  The Military channel on cabl has a show on weekly about the ones already completed and in service.  These alone opened my eyes.  I had no idea these were even in the research stages.  The face of war is changing to a degree not seen since the formal marching into a hail of musket fire stopped as the means of choice for victory on the battlefield.   The truly scary stuff is so TS they cannot be shown.  The lasers from satelites and such.  Does anyone believe these have not already been tested ?

    This is how I believe Reagan would have handled Putin when Obama cancelled their talks.  Reagan never would have cancelled these discussions.  He would have had a full scale construction project up and running with batteries of Patirot Missiles - an " Iron Dome ",  as in Israel,  and possibly even offensive weapons of mass destruction if Poland allowed them,  in the same Polish region that Obama backed down from three years ago.  Obama got squat in return for his concessions.   Putin knows he owns this poser.  Without a position of leverage,  what has Obama got to concede or trade for with Vlad ?  It is the same issues with China - Leading from behind is not leading.  A lesson Obama does not appear to have yet learned,  or is it just part of his intentional destruction of America agenda in full view ?

  • I would say obummer is shortening our reach while they strengthen theirs...

This reply was deleted.


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