The Way I See It:

If you believe that a computer hacker can hack your email, then place a virus on it in order to corrupt your email, your searches, your bank accounts, and all the personal information you have stored on your private hard drive, then why is it so inconceivable that your vote can be changed?   Well, it's not inconceivable, actually it's extremely conceivable!  Now much of the vote data being audited in election computer systems in a number of questionable states are beginning to bare out that secret switches may have been installed to "switch" your vote from Trump to Biden.  How you ask?  I entitled the title of this editorial with the answer for you.  All computers are operated on "source code" programs.  Source codes tell the computer what to accept, what not to accept, what to recognize, what not to recognize.  The source codes can be written with automatic switches that actually flip when a certain code comes into play.  For example if I were a programmer with great expertise, I could write a progarm source code that tells the computer that when Trump votes reach a certain percentage over Biden votes, the computer would enable the switch, and the next say 30-40% of all Trumps votes atomatically be read as Biden votes.  Which could easily explain why at a certain point in time where Trump had a substanial percentage of lead over Biden, that suddenly for instance another 100,000 Biden votes would appear. "He who writes the source code, controls the data in and the data out."  Can source code be changed and or manipulated after it is written.  The answer of course is yes, i.e. stolen identity through computer code manipulation from an outside source.  But computer source code can be encrypted so it can't be hacked or altered.  That is true, however as most legitmate and not so above board progammers will tell you, if they're being honest, the answer is yes.  Why?  Because as hackers know, a huge number of source code programmers will insert a "backdoor" code that only they know, so in reality, and if need be the original source writer can access the original source code and change or alter it.  Knowing where or how to find the access point is usually the most difficult part.  Difficult yes, but not impossible, not by a long shot.  How do you think huge companies that spend hundreds of thousands of dollar on computer security get hacked and don't even know it for weeks, maybe months.  Government organizations are no different.  In my opinon encryption is only safe until somebody finds a way to breach the encrypted code.  I liken it to something I've been telling my family and friends for decades and that is "locks only keep honest people honest".

I would not be so quick to believe that when mainstream media tells me that there's nothing to see here, that there is no overwhelming evidence of voter fraud, because there just may very well be.  I have a very difficult time believing that if one party's unquenchable thirst for power, their insatiable appetite for control, wouldn't lead them to a plan a deep, well planned and choreographed election scheme.  A scheme elaborate enough as to give two candiates the over the top confidence that they don't have to actively campaign, answer questions or even show their faces for weeks or months on end.  Knowing that they can't lose, because the fix is in, is a real confidence booster.  That's what I've seen from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, too much arrogant confidence, and that leads me to believe there's no mystery afoot here.  It also tells me to be aware that diabolical attempts at the distruction of President Trump for excess of 3 years, weren't beyond them, so why not just one more planned attack?  With the nearly every media outlet at the Left's disposal, this plan, this time it might just work.  If there is a crimal plan such as this, then it must be exposed, and those behind it must be prosecuted.  Unfortunately that's where I'm at a loss, my confidence that justice departments haven't been corrupted like the computer source code in voting tabulation machines, is also in question.

That's the way I see it...

J. Francis Roth  

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  • Just look what Hillary and the whole bunch did because Trump defeated her.  They've finally got their revenge after five (yes I say five because they started well before Trump actually announced) years of going after him.

    Yes.  What you say is true about hacking and programs pre-programed to do certain things.  I figured out they had a way to see your emails way back when it first began.  I've never had computer programing. It was my logical brain that figured out it must be so.  At that time I didn't know how they did it.  I just believed they could.

    I, in fact, of learned what I know and do on computers by myself as many other people have done. There are still many things I don't know about omputers but ther are also many good people willing to help when I need it.  Thank God for their better brains.

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