Fairy Tales, Lies and Playing Pretend

Simple Simon met a pie-man, going to the fair, Simple Simon asked the pie-man let me taste your wares.

Now that we are all adults, we know that there was no one named Simple Simon and all through our years, we've come to realize that we've never met a pie-man going to the fair, or anywhere else, for that matter.

Jack and the bean stalk, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Cinderella, Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, fun stories all, but, only true in the wildest imaginations of their creators and in the minds of children.

The following is yet another unbelievable Fairy tale, a tale of cunning and decption.  Perhaps, not a fairy tale at all, instead a fictional tale of horror worthy of Edgar Allen Poe.  This tale is not fictional but, as real as the world itself.  One thing it's not, it's not playing pretend!

Simple Biden became President after garnering 80 million votes of the American people who love him so. Yes, that's another Fairy tale, and a real whopper to boot. It is said that more citizens so love this Simple Biden and want this Simpleton to be their leader and President of the free world that they should protect him from who, exactly. A military force of 24,000 armed soldiers has been amassed at the Capitol in D.C. To protect the man beloved my millions. Wait a minute, if the multitude of Americans love this man so, and that he is the chosen one to unite the nation, why does he and his minions fear for their safety? There should happy celebrations in the Capitol, dancing in the streets, reveling and gayety should abound. But none of those elated citizens will be there, will they? The entire Capitol where Simple Biden is to be inaugurated has been cordoned off with armed troops and razor wire to keep his adoring fans at bay and a safe distance away from the incoming choice of the people and from the political party to which he belongs. Why is that, I wonder?

One scenario comes to mind. One, is that Simple Biden and his party realize the winning a suspicious election is not a victory after all, only a hollow success at deception. With that in mind, Simple Biden and his party may have realized that the elated clamorous citizens, overjoyed at the coronation of an ambiguous president wouldn't materialize. A tiny crowd makes a huge impression, and a very bad impression at that. With that thought in mind, amassing more armed troops than ever went to the endless war in Afghanistan, closing off the Capitol to the public is a Simple Biden preventative measure, to ward off a possibly embarrassing photo-op for news outlets around the world. I mean how would it look if the public were allowed to attend the inauguration of this beloved man, and only a few of the touted 80 million voters showed up? Under the guise and cloak of protection from the righteous indignation of millions who would not show up except for peaceful protest, it's best to allow no one within the camera view. Using the excuse of not wanting to be a Covid Super spreader Event, you know, for the safety of Simple Biden's beloved fans. After all, the brilliant strategy of keeping the candidate away from the people, not answering questions and making but a few public appearances worked to get Simple Biden elected, didn't it? So, why not keep the endearing crowd away from their so-called charismatic and dynamic president elect?

This inauguration and the extreme measures surrounding it are as insidious as Simple Biden, the soon to be reigning party and the election process itself.

Fairy tales like this 2020 election are pretty hard to swallow, as most Fairy Tales have a happy ending.  The Simple Biden fairy tale is just beginning and may well result in "night terrors" for the millions of voters who didn't vote for Simple Biden, those who would continue the question of election process legitmacy.

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