Another School Shooting.

Paine Collage in Augusta is a very historic Collage founded by CME churches and freed American Slaves after the War ended in 1865

Paine College was founded by the leadership of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, now United Methodist Church, and the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church, now Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. Paine was the brainchild of Bishop Lucius Henry Holsey, who first expressed the idea for the College in 1869. Bishop Holsey asked leaders in the ME Church South to help establish a school to train Negro teachers and preachers so that they might in turn appropriately address the educational and spiritual needs of the people newly freed from the evils of slavery. Leaders in the ME Church South agreed, and Paine Institute came into being. Paine Collage Education

In 1901 the first graduating Class of three Men and five Women received their diplomas from what was to become a world class institute of learning for Black people, an institute that changed the world and our nation by providing leaders of a minority population an opportunity of education and self-reliance that became a hall mark of Collages founded by the CME Churches.

A shooting occurred at Paine Collage on Sunday followed by a second shooting on Monday. Coverage of the Prayer vigil and press conferences were picked up by CNN, CBS and other news outlets nationwide, to demonstrate the evils of “American Gun Culture” and how it tis destroying our nation’s youth.

Then the truth came out; it was a drug deal gone bad, suddenly the National press disappeared, a bad drug deal in a predominantly Black neighborhood, between young Black Men, was not worth national news air time. The destruction of our nation’s youth by illegal recreational use of drugs is not of National news attention, violence in gang and drug ridden minority communities is not of national news interests. It contradicts the Liberal agenda and points to the real problems in our society; it is not guns, but broken families, gangs, and drugs. It is a loss of family values and the lack of moral education of our children. It is the loss of the influence of the Church in American society to guide us in moral principles. A shooting over an illegal drug deal in an institution that was founded to teach Preachers to provide spiritual guidance to their communities, clearly shows the problem our nation faces.

As Paul; Harvey often said , “And now the rest of the story” the part you won’t hear on CNN or CBS.

Investigators believe recent shooting incidents at Paine College were the result of a drug deal gone bad, authorities said Wednesday.

At a press conference in Augusta, Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree said a witness associated with Xavier Deanthony Cooper, the alleged gunman in Monday’s campus shooting, told investigators Cooper purchased drugs from JuJuan Baker, the victim in the shooting. Cooper and Baker are students at Paine College. Cooper, a 20-year-old sophomore business major, is from DeKalb County.

“That transaction was a bad transaction … there is bad blood between he and the victim,” Roundtree said. “The suspect and that individual witness are associates.”

The sheriff said Baker, 21, of Wilmington, N.C., had previously been arrested on gun charges in another state. Atlanta Journal Constitution

The person of interest in the Paine College shootings has turned himself in. Investigators are still interviewing Christopher Jackson, so we aren't sure if he'll be charged.

But, the home where he stays on Laurel Street is at the center of a lot of problems. Bullet holes dot his house, basketball hoops, and porches all along Laurel Street.

Willie Trice lives next door, and he says, "It's like living in a combat zone, how often there's shootouts here. "

Trice says this used to be a quiet, respectable neighborhood, but over the past year, that has changed.

Last October, he was the victim of a drive-by.

"It was broad daylight. I had just drove home, pulled up in my car, got out of my car. As soon as I closed my door, shots rang out," he explains.

Investigators told him he wasn't the intended target of the drive by that left his house and car peppered with bullet holes, which still didn't bring a lot of comfort to Trice.  WRDW Television

Paine Collage remains a Leading School of minority education in Math , Science, and Technology, they have a highly dedicated staff, some whom I personally know; while they remain a predominantly Black school, they have students from all races, classes, Nations, and economic backgrounds, their Staff also reflects the same diversity of experience and background. I hope this in no way reflects poorly on Paine Collage, but points out the errors of our society.

May God Bless and protect our Children

Just my thoughts for today.

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David Silvas
Grandfather, Retired Army 1SG, former broadcast engineer, Student of History and Life. Graduate of the School of Commons- Manners and Sense.

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  • Those in DC have shown over many years, and just how many billions of dollars, they could care less about our security, the drug trade and/or illegal aliens.  It is more important to follow the dictates of their contributors so they can stay at the trough of power and keep the money rolling into their coffers.

  • I was this thinking more about this. As all of you know drugs flow across our desert terrain here in AZ. This past year alone more than a hundred bodies were found in the tough terrain. Women and girls are not only trafficked but many times raped. New Mexico is a flow state for bringing in heroin. NM has quite a population of addicted souls.

    The folks, progressives mostly, who demand these illicit drugs, and cry to high heaven when they are not available to them as far as I am concerned own some of the guilt. So does past and current administrations for not protecting the border.

    Just as what happened during prohibition the folks who make their dollars trafficking and selling marijuana will now branch out to another product to sell. 

  • Paine is not the problem.  It's the progressive system that grows day by day.  Media won't cover it and neither will the hard-line progressives.  They don't want the light shown on the roaches they have wrought over the years by keeping people inproverished and depended upon the government.

  • Hugh, Thanks for bringing this story to light, I would not have known otherwise. I too hope that folks will not think poorly of Paine.

    Drugs and guns do not mix for sure. It is sick in my opinion to think that guns alone is the issue -- those who purchase illegal drugs for recreational purposes especially liberals, progressives do not acknowledge that they are a big part of the problem. Guess it makes them feel righteous to focus on guns and not the weapon they enjoy.

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