And You Tell Me The Republic Is Not Compromised!!!

The Way I See It:
Giuliani says "the evidence of fraud is indisputable." Giuliani is correct. You know what is also indisputable? The Left's total control of government, education, and now the SCOTUS. So, regardless of what fraud evidence is found or how much is found, there is no one in authority listening, paying attention, or for that matter caring. The goal was to exorcise Donald Trump from the White House, ruin him and his family and these things will ensue shortly after Joe (the crooked) is inaugurated. The Left will be coming after "we the Trump supporters" next, they've indicated that without regret. Allow me to say to the Left, bring it on. The 75 million disenfranchised Trump voters, by the election fraud, will not hide, bow or comply to Leftist Fascist rule.
That's the way I see it...
Audit Finds Mich. County's Dominion Voting Was Rigged to Create Fraud
Audit Finds Mich. County's Dominion Voting Was Rigged to Create Fraud
A forensic audit of the presidential vote tally by Dominion Voting Systems software used in Antrim County, Michigan, showed a more than 68% error rate, with auditors claiming the system intentionally creates errors so the machine can "adjudicate" them and change results.
See the results and other info about the 2020 US Election.
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  • I was in discussion with member Linda this am and I asked does she think we as conservatives will be targeted? I believe the answer is yes, but -to what degree? I have already felt their hatred for us in small ways like computer viruses and phone tapped, power outages etc...But the flip side, sitting silently watching our freedom slip away is not appealing to me either...Too bad our State Groups have not become active... power in numbers! But what power do we have? We used to say the power is in the vote- but now we know that he who owns the voting machines is the one with the power! I like Norma J. Sears wants to have hope!

    • We always have hope.  Our hope now must be in our Lord Jesus Christ.  As an ordained Christian minister who was never called to preach, but was called to teach.  Not having my own church I really never had the opportunity to give a sermon.  However, I have a Christmas sermon that I penned a number of years ago.  My next editorial will be that sermon, I am hoping that it will be a comfort to those who are now pretty disappointed in the leaders of our Republic.  The only thing that we can count on is the fact that God is still on the throne and He promised never to abandon his children.


  • Important to understand, the reason I title my column "The Way I See It", is because I write about my opinion and the way I see things.  I do not seek agreement or disagreement.  Norma, please read my post about "Normacy Bias", from a week or so.  It'll help people understand why they sometimes feel the way they do about optimism and pessimism, and how we've all come think that things will always come back to normal.  You may find it interesting.  Thanks for all the feedback, good, bad or indifferent. It makes me feel that someone reads what I write.  After all, isn't that where a writer's incentive comes from?

  • Jerome, Of course it is.  We, or should I say I, keep hoping that just one case will tug on their heartstrings and we will be heard.  Yep, I guess I'm delusional as well.

    • Norma, They no longer have heart strings and I will add no ethics or a moral compass. In 10+ years the heartless have been taught "the end justifies the means we use". 

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