Dear Sir,

President Joe Biden Must immediately resign from office, or face impeachment. 

I ask you to support this action, and encourage House Members to join in calling for his removal.


First he has destroyed any credibility with the American people by his refusal to answer questions form the press and people. His attitude and actions indicate a distain for the people, and support his statement before the election; Joe Biden was asked if voters deserved to know whether he would pack the Supreme Court, he replied, “No, they don’t.” Biden said the American people will “know my opinion on court-packing when the election is over.”

Evidently President Biden thinks the American people deserve no answers about anything.

He has also destroyed his credibility by continual lying, His comments about Afghanistan have proven to be totally opposite to reality, with 8 months to plan an evacuation he has repeatedly claimed his hands were tied by the previous administration, the original agreement was to be out by May, he extended it to September 11 for “Photo Ops” and to give Americas enemies a political as well as strategic victory. Then with no plan he moved up the date to August 31. He could have very well extended the date the first time to December, then withdrew and had an orderly evacuation, got all Americans and SIV personnel out safely, then changed the date to the date we actually left.

Third The State Department has no clue how many Americans were abandoned in Kabul. Americans who had submitted their passports to the Embassy for exit visas, had their passports and papers destroyed by the Embassy personnel when they destroyed classified information. 

Forth He coordinated nothing with our NATO allies, they were taken by suppress as much as the Taliban forces were, maybe more so. He irresponsibility in handing personal information to the Taliban forces on people we wanted to evacuate has and will continue to cause people who helped us to die. There is currently murder in the streets of Kabul right now.

Fifth as a result of his actions America is now threatened by China, North Korea, Iran and Russia all who see weakness in American policy.

All of this and much more on the economy and the COVID pandemic, has proven that he is incapable of leading this country, his advisors are just as incompetent, or willfully complacent in the outrageous incompetence of this administration that they should all be removed form office also.

Jen Psaki said that they have “Assessed that the Taliban does not have the ability to attack the United States”, this gives me no comfort in that everything she says proves to be a lie.

Dr Fauci on COVID-19, has been proven and admitted to lying for political reasons, why should anyone trust what he says now? 

The only way to restore the peoples faith in government at this point is the removal of these people from office.


Thank you,


Please contact your Congress Representatives and Senators, you can copy and paste my letter, or use it as a reference to write your own.

God Bless,

Just my thoughts for today.

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David Silvas
Grandfather, Retired Army 1SG, former broadcast engineer, Student of History and Life. Graduate of the School of Commons- Manners and Sense.

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  • I agree Xiden must go and along with his exit all who work in the west wing. There are others who provide the old man with counciling that need to resign but alas they possess no honor.

    My CD 4 reps are on the same page. I sent the letter to all D's in AZ serving in both houses of U,S,  Congress. Will it make a difference? No those dimwits simply take stock of their districts and if their election votes can be stolen.

    What is left to the patriot? Work like hell to win both  chambers in 2022.



    • If we can get enough pressure on them, they may be forced to take action. If you are not in their district they may ignore you, but if you know people in their district, politicians can not ignore them.

      Write your State officials also, they can pressure Congress also.

      You are right more than Joe need to go.

      • David, I  am  well connetected with grassroots activist all over AZ, 

        There are snakes in the sewers in The District and its been a bad year here in AZ for snakes in the AZ sand from the local, county and the 9th floor at AZ capitol. I attended many activist events at the capitol before I took that horrendus fall in mid may.  Took me more than 2 months to get out and about. I used that time to do all I could to remain active from home, I was busy.


        The work to be done is overwhelming. Be the work to demand our local library carry conservative authors books to waging a war against school districts over CRT and Sex ed A bunch of us have been busy trying to convince charter schools in our county to adopt the Hillsdale Barney School Initive,


        One thing I have been invested in is while the AZ Legislature is in session is using the Request to Speak Dashboard (a wonderful platform that allows us to be citizen legislators) I exercised that priviledge. I have also at every opportunity recruited others to be citizen legislators. First session of the fifty-fifth was a busy one. Election integrity front and center.

        I subscribe to Mark Kellys newsletter (he is not active in publishing) as well K. Semnmas). Kelly seems to be owned by China both Kelly & Senima march in locke step to the hard  left. I care not to attend  any event where they are keynote speakers. I went  to firing off letters and calling their offices total waste of time.


        I  write my State officials. Fired one off to the Governor and speaker of the AZ house legislature. The two of them co-authored a letter to Xiden offering to take Afghans. I was against. Some have arrived now even more snakes in the AZ dessert.


        Wde MUST  win the majority in the U.S. Senate & House. Hopefully solid constitutional conservativd patriots will win primary's and take out the spineless Rs. Closer to home we Arizonians must keep AZ Red.





        • I know you are very active in local politics and we need more to do the same, which is why I stressed the importance of contacting your local state government also.

          I am active in different ways, I agree that we need to get people involved, get rid of the trash in office. In Ga we have two thieves in the Senate right now, my goal is to show their Hypocrisy locally and to rid them from our government.

          I am involved in some international events right now, saving Americans and Afghans lives.

          I am really upset with our government.

          I am working in the community to change social values so that more people see the ineptitude of the Democrats. That involves teaching people self defense.

          Right now Black Women seem to be the greatest group of first time buyers of firearms. Some want protection from white racists, then they find out that white racists' are the ones willing to teach them how to safely and accurately use a firearm.

          That seems to change some minds.

          I do appreciate all you do and I am not calling anyone out, each must find their place and do what they are capable of.

          God Bless.

          • David, You are a jewel. I just wanted to add more ideas for involvement opportunities. 


            Going for a school board position is critical.

      • WE MUST TAKE THE ACTION!!! We cannot be complacent!! We must share this!

        Thank you! and YES it makes a difference!!!!

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