A Matter of Concern, Part 5- The End

A Matter For Concern Part 5

The Final Chapter:


Below is the final paragraph of Part 4:


As disheartening as this revolution scenario is, it's a fact that will and must be dealt with. If the revolution is not delivered a death blow, it will continue forever, and one day it will succeed and be victorious by means of attrition, if nothing else.”


And one day it will succeed and be victorious by means of attrition, if nothing else.”


I do believe that one day may well be only 6 weeks away. Even if the face of eyewitness testimony and video evidence of deeply orchestrated election fraud by the Left. We may very well be staring bewildered, confused, disillusioned and astonished at what is about to take place in the United States, in essence, the demise of the Republic. Without free, fair and honest elections, there is no Republic, and that's just a fact we'll have to deal with. If this election stands as it appears it will, the Left will be emboldened to a point where there will be no need for further elections. The Left has managed to infiltrate and now control all of academia, media, DOJ, FBI, CIA, CDC and many within the judiciary. The Left has even managed to weaponize a Pandemic and are using it to destroy the very fabric of this Republic and it's people. Make no mistake, stealing this election is well within their ability, and it appears they will be extremely successful. The global Leftist orchestration will go something like this: The implementation of radical Socialist programs, will be followed by the even more radical Communist programs and finally, the Left will cave to the Fascist Anarchists who will neither honor or obey any laws, any courts, or possess any semblance of common sense. If this election is allowed to pass certification while Republican politicians offer no visible resistance, it will prove what many of us already know: “There are many Republicans in D.C. But very few Conservatives.” The American Conservative patriot citizens will be left hanging out to dry, by those we elected to office. The revered and respected U.S. Constitution will be eventually burned on the steps of the White House. That will be the final act of the anarchist regime showing Americans that “resistance is futile!”

Resist we must, and we must resist at every turn, or surrender. Those are the only options.

Have you noticed, that now the Left is encouraging schools to reopen? I have, do you know why? I do. Getting students back into the concentration brain-washing hell holes commonly referred too as schools is necessary for the Left to continue to proliferate. The Left is hoping that parents will have paid no attention to what 40 years of Leftist indoctrination has done to their children. The first step in patriotic resistance is to refuse sending kids back to those indoctrination camps. Okay, I understand that not all schools in America are run by Socialist Leftists. Not yet, is my answer to that! To believe that Socialist indoctrination will cease in America's public schools is a true exercise in futility. The ensuing Leftist administration led by President Kamala Harris who is, in fact Barack Insane Obama's surrogate in the White House. We all need to understand that Obama laid the ground work for this coup against a duly elected President. He and his arrogant and narcissist ego, never left Washington, D.C., and you can bet he's been pulling the Leftist strings since Donald Trump descended the escalator. I'm guessing that as much as 40% of Democrat voters either didn't vote, or voted for Donald Trump to be re-elected. Does it not strike an off chord of notes to think that Biden actually chose Kamala Harris as he V.P. Running mate? Can one really believe that Kamala Harris is being accepted as a Biden running mate, after not receiving a single Democrat vote for her run for the top spot? Better yet, Joe Biden was picked as Obama's running mate, because Obama knew or was advised that he would need a buffoon with no accomplishments in 40 years in politics, and was completely open to manipulation. In Joe Biden's world, slovenly ignorance has paid off, finally. But, has it? Not really, it is Obama that will make the decisions, the policies, the Executive orders through his other unaccomplished buffoon, one Kamala Harris, who will become President by default as soon as Biden can be legally removed from office due to acute, obvious senility. It's all part of the big global plan that the Left has signed on too with complete and reckless abandon.

I strongly urge Conservative resistance to begin immediately. Sending your youngsters back to educational Socialist indoctrination camps is much like signing the final death warrant for this Republic. If at all possible, obtain 30 year old American History Books, Civics Books, and copies of the Federalist Papers, the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, the Abraham Lincoln and George Washington memoirs, and do not forget, above all the Bible. Train up your children in the ways of Jesus Christ. Teach them what is good and what is evil.

Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us: Trust in the Lord with all your heart; lean not unto thine own understanding. In all ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.


My personal favorite and my life verse is: Proverbs 9:10 which tells us:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.”

J. Francis Roth





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J. Francis Roth: Christian, Constitutionalist, Thinker, Opinionated Editorialist

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