A Matter For Concern, Part Two

A Matter For Concern: Part Two: The Damoclesian Factor:


For anyone familiar with the “Sword Of Damocles” parable written by the Roman philosopher Cicero way back in ancient civilization days, though almost always misinterpreted hold's a warning demonstrated though the ages, this modern era is no exception. All experience I've had with the “Sword of Damocles” parable, the sword itself was the main point of the story, which it is not. Without running into the bushes, the essence of the parable is, in my opinion “Be wary of what you wish for, whether it be money, power or both. Attainment can and will have consequences.” Anything you gain possession of can carry with it, a heavy and costly burden.


The point of my Damocles reference is this: People who are intrigued and lured in by the promises of free things as in this past election, may very well have to pay the very high price and relinquishment of freedom itself. As in the Sword of Damocles story, the sword is not the dangerous thing, the sword represents the possible ramification of an impending doom for those whose will can only be satisfied by tangible wealth, and who are willing to sacrifice their honesty and integrity to attain those things.


People who vote for Socialism, are people who have no real sense of what Socialism is. A Socialist government has absolutely no redeeming factors or aspects. Socialism has failed in every tryst throughout historical record, and it will fail in the United States as well. Had America's educational system not abandoned world historical facts and truth for the past four decades, I doubt seriously that we would be facing the dilemma we have today. Four decades of indoctrination cannot be rectified in four years, or eight years, or ever.


The present day demands for Socialism by the misguided and under-educated high school and college graduates can only be repented of by those same people who demand it. Regretfully, at my age of 72, I doubt I will live to see the American Leftists turn Right, or even witness the societal pendulum swing back to a centrist position. Nor will I see a renewal of this nation's moral compass, as the needle is beginning to spin out of control.


In light of this, I will pass knowing that God is still on the throne, and that in the end, evil will be vanquished by the holy sword of Jesus Himself.



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  • Consequences, that's the word they have no knowledge of...they reap what they sow... but will they even see what they have done? Can't wait to read part 3. 

    Thanks, Suzie

    • Part 3, may prove to be quite lengthy. I'm compiling information from several different angles while trying to make some sort of sense regarding the present factual reason(s), why we are where we are.  It may well lead to parts 4,5 or even 6.  I don't want to bore the reader, so I feel the need to stick to segments.  Tomorrow perhaps part three, I believe you'll find it interesting and informative.  J.Francis Roth

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