A Matter For Concern (Part 4)

A Matter For Concern, Part 4:

The Way I See It:

Some data and definitions were gleened from the website below:



Throughout the historical annuls there have been numerous revolts, too numerous to mention, but here are just a few that stand out in my recollection:



The American Revolution (1775), The French Revolution (1793), The Russian Revolution (Bolshevik Rebellion 1917) and the Iran's Islamic Revolution (1979). It would be advantageous to note that all four were successful in overthrowing the established governments.



  Every revolution begins somewhere in somewhere in the minds of a small number of revolutionaries that grew in number over time. Indoctrination of the easy and open minds of their converts. The definition of "revolution” is: an alteration in the personnel, structure, supporting myth, and functions of government by methods that...involve violence or the threat of violence...Revolutionaries, by definition, seek a major alteration in the prevailing distribution of wealth, status, and power. It's needless to say that talk/propaganda aimed at a population unhappy with the status quo of their respective national leaders and policies. In other words, hungry people, poor people, down trodden people, uneducated or under-educated people are all prime targets of those who would incite revolt as a means of change. In many cases, those who aren't particularly unhappy or disillusioned with the present, need to be convinced of their unhappiness. In my opinion, those who aren't victims can be indoctrinated to believe they are victims when exposed to round the clock brainwashing by the media, politicians, and by revolutionaries within academia who are teaching and leading the immature of mind, from childhood too adulthood. When realizing these points, one can see that what we are witnessing in today's America, are the results of Leftist patience, perseverance and slow infiltration of every aspect of our government, our businesses, our local and national education systems, our law enforcement, our judiciary, our legislature and of course our politically appointed organizational agencies. Revolution is in essence a calculated and orchestrated attack. An attack by many who would simply follow, without thinking or without the ability of clear logical thought, those purposely dumbed down for a later purpose. Most revolutions are actually led by a few, but followed by many. For example, the Bolshevik Revolution was initiated and successfully carried by a few thousand citizens out of millions. It's important to note again, that many revolutions were successful with the mere threat of violence and a minimal number of sacrificial victims in order to put some teeth to the threat and instill fear in the populous.


  So, we have to ask, is there a saving grace? Is there an ability to counter the revolution without bloodshed? The answers to those questions will be left to posterity. In other words are there enough people ready, willing and able to take a stand against the revolutionaries, and how staunch of a stand are they willing to take, without retreat. In my opinion, and I have many there are but two options. One, is to surrender the Republic to the Left unconditionally. Two, stand and fight the Left at every turn and by all means possible, regardless of who they are. Taking up arms against your children in order to defend your beliefs, may prove to be more difficult than just talking about it. I use the term unconditional surrender because true revolutionaries will never negotiate in good faith, or at all. Taking a stand, is of course much more difficult and dangerous than surrender. However, surrender to the revolutionaries, may prove to be more disastrous in the long run. To believe that surrender will end conflict, is a pipe dream, because revolutions really never end, and neither do the ramifications and collateral damage of allowing revolutionaries to govern. A successful anti-revolution cannot succeed if entered into by the weak of heart. Anti-revolution means recognizing who, what and where your enemy lies. The enemy might very well be within your own household. One would have to see the enemy as the enemy, if that doesn't take place in the hearts and minds, the anti-revolution is already lost before it begins.


  As disheartening as this revolution scenario is, it's a fact that will and must be dealt with. If the revolution is not delivered a death blow, it will continue forever, and one day it will succeed and be victorious by means of attrition, if nothing else.


Much of the data and definitions in this post came from the url listed above, the rest is my opinion and not that of the website link listed.



A Matter For Concern Part 5, the finally, is in the works...


That's the way I see it...

J. Francis Roth




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