A Matter For Concern (Part 3)

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A Matter Of Concern, Part 3


The Tenets Of Insurrection:


Amazingly enough, the deeper I research the terms; insurrection, terrorism, revolution the more I find that their common goals are the same, but their means and reasons can and are quite different.

I have found that there are 3 valid schools of thought and 3 traditions of thought when trying to understand revolution

The three traditions are: The Democratic Tradition, The Communist Tradition and The

Anarchist Tradition.


The Democratic Tradition theory comes from the influence of Locke. This tradition is characterized by strong emphasis of non-violent, legal means and on politico-legal liberty and equality as the essential aims of the revolution. The representatives see and understand that this revolution is an ongoing and continuing effort, project or task that cannot reach a completion or any total satisfaction. The key elements of this Democratic Tradition come from the works of Etienne Balibar, a contemporary thinker. He suggests an understanding of revolution as a progressive power that operates within the democratic system. (Sound familiar?) Instead of violent overthrow of the system, democratic citizens assume the role of revolutionary subject by advocating constant additions to and revisions of the existing order and the established institutions. Examples: The right to have rights for non-citizens, increased opportunities for illegals to participate in political legislation and finally more strict adherence to human rights, which would in the end allow continued legitimacy.


The Communist Tradition Is a primarily communist line of revolutionary theory which begins with the writing of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and then was expanded decisively in the thinking and actions of Karl Marx and Friedrick Engels. With a few distinct modifications, men like Vladimir Lenin and Jean-Paul Sarte continued the communist tradition well into the 20th century. The representatives of this type of revolution pretty much all share in the ideology that this will in fact come to a finality and completion. They also believe, for the most part that violence can function as an acceptable means of revolution. They also have a basis in thought that the realization of material liberty as opposed to merely “formal” that is, legal liberty and equality in the social realm are it's main goals. In essence, “a chicken in every pot.” “A car in every driveway, even if it is a Yugo.”


The Anarchist Tradition is primarily based on this line of thought: Any form of institutionalized authority is considered incompatible with human autonomy, their vision is to create a society that is independent of “imperial institutions” in the economic, social and political realms. Anarchists do not and cannot be content with the redistribution of political power, regardless of how radical it might be within the framework of the state, but their aim is to abolish it. They share the thought that abolishing the institutionalized must be abolished by all means necessary. The state of anarchy has no logical means of standing. Anarchy is not organized by the logic of dominance and or cost/benefit; instead they are shaped by the principles of mutual aid and free of cooperation, which by the way, are not guided by instrumental rationality. In other words, anarchy cannot stand.


My Synopsis:

After a couple of days and many hours of research, and after finally deciphering the theories and thoughts of those I consider more learned than I. The following is what I've determined to be the predicament America is in today. This Republic is under attack from all three traditions of revolution I've outlined in this portion of my series. The democratic traditional revolt attack comes from the Democrat/Progressive factions within the Democrat Party. The communist traditional revolt comes from the once Liberal/Socialist faction of the Democrat Party. The anarchist traditional revolt, comes from the young indoctrinated, miss-guided and socially brainwashed products of America's education system. We know them as ANTIFA, BLM and a number of others. As I have expressed previously, these young folks have be socially engineered for the specific purpose of violent overthrow of a system of government they've been taught “has no redeemable” aspects and must be destroyed. They've been groomed to hate the Republic's founders, their grand parents, their parents and most concerning they hate themselves for who they are, for the color of their skin and their stature in life itself. It is important, in my opinion to know that the anarchy movement are known by their basic tenets as I explained in the final tradition, will not stop their pursuits simply because Joe Biden gets elected or if Donald Trump remains the President for another 4 years. Anarchist organizations, such as they are don't hate Donald Trump, Joe Biden, George Washington or even Abraham Lincoln. In essence they hate America for how they were led to believe was established, how it is and challenge the Republics right to exist. Anarchists don't vote, they have no loyalty to the Constitution or to elections, why would they vote? If this 2020 election is as fraudulent as we all expect, it isn't because anarchists voted for Joe Biden or any other politician. The election fraud falls thoroughly at the feet and on the shoulders of the Democratic and Communist Traditions I discussed in the first two tradition explanation.

Coming Part 4: Will be: Where Do We Stand? Will we? Can We?

J. Francis Roth




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  • Jerome  aka  J.Francis Roth Well you have me hooked now! This brings my thoughts about scattered factions all working for the same demise of the United States...to a head. And the money behind this evil is incredible! 

    • Indeed

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