The Way I See It:
It's historic alright, historically fraudulent!
 A Presidential candidate who doesn't campaign along with a Vice Presidential candidate who doesn't campaign, are elected to the highest offices in the land, by people who can't even tell you who either one of them are, what they stand for and have no energized base! And yet, there they are. The entire election is an embarrassment to the free world and an insult to all Americans. How did that happen? Well, it was well planned by subversive entities for almost 4 years. The plans for this coup began when Donald Trump and Melania came down the escalator in Trump Tower. Accusations of racism, xenophobia, and collusion with foreign enemies, didn't work. So plan "B" was implemented and launched. An onslaught of vile hatred against the only great President since Lincoln was implemented.  Almost all mainstream media outlets, from newspapers to social media for nearly 4 years, commands to besmirch, demean, and bear false witness against was the order of the day, every day, 24/7- 365 days a year. Followed by an impeachment by the House of Representatives for a phone call of little or no questionable behavior or consequence. But the dialog of hatred was entrenched in every form of media story without exception. None, absolutely none of President Trump's accomplishments and hard work for the American people ever gained a slight bit of mention. Is it any wonder that some people were gulled and coerced into sharing a hatred for the President that had no basis in reality.
We all know that votes were counted that shouldn't have counted, votes were counted that weren't even votes, all perpetrated under the cloak of darkness, with little or no oversight.
 Perhaps, for the first time, the Democrat/Left will be able to say: "The devil made us do it." In my opinion, the Democrat Left were able to turn hate and evil, through their unholy alliance with Lucifer himself, managed to come out on top over truth, love and goodness.
  Their minor victory of evil over good, is only temporary and only prevalent in this fleeting world in which we live. One day every knee will bow and every tongue confess.  We, including the world's evil ones will have to give account to God of our actions.  It is then when true justice will prevail over evil deeds.
 Tell me again that America is still a shining light on the hill for the world, with freedom, liberty and justice for all. The rampant and deep obvious corruption within the leaders of this Republic, contradict all that America was intended to be, to represent and to pass on to following generations of Free citizens. May God Help Us, Amen.
Unfortunately, that's the way I see it...
Biden defeats Trump to become 46th president
Biden defeats Trump to become 46th president
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  • Yes, indeed Jerome!  Pure EVIL! But I am leaning in a different direction as of my research this morning... it a huge WHAT IF but WHAT IF: Trump org. planned this as a sting operation? A set up to gather enough undeniable evidence of their fraud... to take them all down with one swipe!??? What if?!!!

    • One question, if you will?  To whom will all this evidence be presented?  Certainly, to the FBI, the same FBI that was instrumental in implementing the coup in the first place?  Maybe not the FBI, but certainly to the Justice Department, AG Barr?  Of course or maybe Durham, the same people who have already amassed evnough evidence to indict Hillary and Bill, James Comey, James Clapper, Barack Hussein Obama and President elect Biden?  No, can't trust them, as nothing has been done in terms of arrests and imprisoning those guilty parties.  Who is left?  Even if Barr and Durham were given irrefutable evidence of election fraud, the same election fraud that 70 million people like us know happened.  Who will these people with the evidence go too?  If this is a "Sting" operation, it's a 90% fail judging from past performance of all of America's law enforcement agencies from the NSA, CIA, FBI, both congressional justice committees.  The result of a "Sting" operation places the freedom, liberty and the Constitution of the Republic in a very precarious position.  Even a 4 year term by Kamala Harris, and potentially both houses of congress, would be disasterous should a sting such as suggested fail.  It would be throwing the lambs to the wolves, a sacrifice of Biblical proportions.  Somehow, I can't make myself believe that is what Donald Trump's intentions are or were.  

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