Editorial Terms Of Service

912CQ Editorials provide original opinion, discussion and research on a particular area of interest, person or party.

They are an ever-growing tool for discussion generation and opinion forming; especially for political consultants, news services and candidates to reach their constituents and express opinions on war, corruption and other issues. 

  • Minimum 400 characters (that's only a few sentences guys)
  • No more than 20% of the blog entry may be copy/pasted from another site (*) and must provide back link for copied content.
  • Blogs do require 912CQ staff approval.  Please allow up to four hours for authorization. 
  • Spamming for any form of service, website or product is strictly prohibited.
  • Back links to all research material must be provided.
  • Once published, increase your presence and readership by posting your blog directly to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more.

(*)  Unless otherwise approved by the site owner

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