Who should be allowed to vote?

In my humble opinion, ( I'm normally not very humble), there should be a competency test required before anyone is allowed to cast a vote in any election in the United States. This test should be similar to the one required of immigrant candidates to become citizens of our country. It should be given in English Only and should have questions about how our government works as well as important facts about our history. The test should be required of all citizens who have attained the age of 21years and desire to be part of the electoral process.Comments?

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  • BC556 - not only should we be asking who should be allowed to vote, but also who should be in charge of counting the votes?

    George Soros' Secretary of State (SOS) Project is gearing up for the 2010 elections. Soros is throwing tons of money into this project in order to get "his people" in as the final vote counters. Secretary's will have final say on which votes are legit and which ones aren't.

    Take care of this kind of corruption and prosecute those who commit voter fraud and the votes will reflect a true count.

  • Sample multiple choice questions on the proposed competency test for voting.

    1. A non-uniformed, known terrorist is captured on the battlefield. He or she should be:

    A). Read their miranda rights, given an American attorney and tried in a United States Criminal Court,

    B). Water-boarded until we are sure they told us everything they know and then put in a special terrorist
    prison located on the tundra in ANWR for the rest of their lives.

    C). Shot on sight on the battlefield.

    correct answer = B........or C if the terrorist is of low value
  • I have to show my driver's license to vote here in Cincinnati. Maybe they also take utility bills, I don't know LOL. I do NOT think they should lower the voting age to 17, in fact, if 18 year olds are allowed to vote, they should be able to show they understand completely what their vote means.
    • That's where we differ. I don't think 18 year olds are mature enough to vote. Especially coming out of the public school system!
      • I believe that anybody that has to serve in the Military, should be allowed to vote at age 18, but only those serving in the Military. If they lower the voting age, the rest should be able to show they understand what their vote means. I do agree that nobody under the age of 21 should be allowed to vote, however, Military people should be allowed; if that happened, we can all bet some ACLU jerk would jump forward and holler discrimination.
        • I agree about the military being allowed to vote at age 18, but only those who have been in a war zone and have been shot at, (and missed). Something about a war zone matures a teenager real quick.
      • By the way. The response to this discussion was GREAT!! Thanks America! I'll think of another great subject!
  • I have but one criteria to vote, YOU MUST BE LIVING! That would eliminate Chicago from over riding the votes of Utah and Montana.
    • Good point, jf! It would also help in Philadelphia.....
      • And any place where there is a well-entrenched Democratic machine.
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