White House Declines to Label #BlackLivesMatter a Terrorist Org in Rapid Response to Petition Started Ten Days Ago

Gateway Pundit) – The Obama administration swiftly responded to a controversial ‘We the People’ White House petition started just ten days ago on July 6 that calls for the Black Lives Matter movement to be designated a terrorist organization.

Police officers have been assassinated and wounded in attacks by Black Lives Matter supporters. Cities and towns across the country have been the scene of Black Lives Matter riots that have cost millions of dollars and ruined small businesses. Families have been targeted for racial intimidation and abuse at Sunday brunch by Black Lives Matter activists. Highways and city streets have been blockaded and police attacked at Black Lives Matter protests. Violence is so prevalent that it is newsworthy when a Black Lives Matter protest is held without violence.

A statement posted to the White House website, apparently on Saturday, contains a lengthy defense by President Barack Obama of the Black Lives Matter movement from his recent Dallas memorial speech honoring the five Dallas police officers slain by a Black Lives Matter supporter who targeted white officers. The statement closed with the White House claiming that the government does not maintain a list of domestic terror groups and therefore cannot address the complaint in the petition.

The White House set a rule that it only responds to petitions that garner over 100,000 signatures within thirty days and that the administration has up to sixty days thereafter to respond.

The Black Lives Matter terror designation petition rapidly attracted signers. As of Saturday it had 141,421 signatures since its posting on July 6. For the Obama administration to respond this quickly to a petition is rare.

St Paul Police Fireworks Twitter Fox9
Fireworks used as a weapon by Black Lives Matter protesters against police in St. Paul, Minnesota caused injuries to officers, July 9, 2016, image via Twitter/Fox9.

Text of the petition and the response by the White House:


Formally recognize Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization.
Created by Y.S. on July 06, 2016

terrorism is defined as “the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims”. This definition is the same definition used to declare ISIS and other groups, as terrorist organizations. Black Lives Matter has earned this title due to its actions in Ferguson, Baltimore, and even at a Bernie Sanders rally, as well as all over the United States and Canada. It is time for the pentagon to be consistent in its actions – and just as they rightfully declared ISIS a terror group, they must declare Black Lives Matter a terror group – on the grounds of principle, integrity, morality, and safety.

A response to your petition on Black Lives Matter

Thanks for participating on the We the People platform.

You recently signed a petition asking the Administration to “Formally recognize Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization.”

In the wake of the tragic recent events in Dallas, Falcon Heights, and Baton Rouge, the President brought together law enforcement officials, civil rights leaders, activists, faith leaders, academics, and state and local elected officials this week to encourage frank conversations about the steps we can take together to build trust and ensure justice for all Americans. As part of these conversations, the President directly addressed the concern that the “Black Lives Matter” slogan, social media movement, and the associated protests are somehow inherently anti-police:

“I know that there are some who have criticized even the phrase ‘black lives matter,’ as if the notion is, is that other lives don’t matter. And so you get ‘all lives matter’ or ‘blue lives matter.’ I understand the point they’re trying to make. I think it’s important for us to also understand that the phrase ‘black lives matter’ simply refers to the notion that there’s a specific vulnerability for African Americans that needs to be addressed. It’s not meant to suggest that other lives don’t matter. It’s to suggest that other folks aren’t experiencing this particular vulnerability.

“And so we shouldn’t get too caught up in this notion that somehow people who are asking for fair treatment are somehow, automatically, anti-police, are trying to only look out for black lives as opposed to others. I think we have to be careful about playing that game, just because that’s not obviously what is intended.”

This is a difficult time for our nation and this is a charged debate that stirs deep emotion. Speaking at the memorial service in Dallas earlier in the week, the President emphasized that progress requires, in part, Americans on all sides to “stand in each other’s shoes and look at the world through each other’s eyes.” He added:

“With an open heart, those protesting for change will guard against reckless language going forward, look at the model set by the five officers we mourn today, acknowledge the progress brought about by the sincere efforts of police departments like this one in Dallas, and embark on the hard but necessary work of negotiation, the pursuit of reconciliation.

“With an open heart, police departments will acknowledge that, just like the rest of us, they are not perfect; that insisting we do better to root out racial bias is not an attack on cops, but an effort to live up to our highest ideals. And I understand these protests — I see them, they can be messy. Sometimes they can be hijacked by an irresponsible few. Police can get hurt. Protestors can get hurt. They can be frustrating.

“But even those who dislike the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter,’ surely we should be able to hear the pain of Alton Sterling’s family … and know that his life mattered to a whole lot of people of all races, of all ages, and that we have to do what we can, without putting officers’ lives at risk, but do better to prevent another life like his from being lost.

“With an open heart, we can worry less about which side has been wronged, and worry more about joining sides to do right. Because the vicious killer of these police officers, they won’t be the last person who tries to make us turn on one other. The killer in Orlando wasn’t, nor was the killer in Charleston. We know there is evil in this world. That’s why we need police departments. But as Americans, we can decide that people like this killer will ultimately fail. They will not drive us apart. We can decide to come together and make our country reflect the good inside us, the hopes and simple dreams we share.”

The White House plays no role in designating domestic terror organizations. The U.S. government does not generate a list of domestic terror organizations, and therefore we are not able to address the formal request of your petition. We encourage you to engage with your community in the ongoing discussion of how we can better build trust and safety in our communities.

Thank you for your participation in the We the People platform. We’ll be back in touch soon.

— The We the People Team”


Obama has given carte blanche to the U.S. Army to engage in lethal response

I need you to listen...now, not later. This is perhaps the most disturbing news I've ever had to share with you. When I learned about this a jolt shot through my body—it took me a minute to catch my breath.

I am still shaking.

Be forewarned: this is bad. Very bad.

Tea Party Intelligence has just learned that Obama has given carte blanche to the U.S. Army to engage in lethal response to deal with unruly demonstrators and full-scale riots. Two words: Dallas, Texas.

Two more words: Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Is it a coincidence Obama is fueling race riots and at the same time preparing the military? NO, it's not. Patriots, this is yet another one of Obama's vengeful, egregious attacks on America.

Right there with him are social vandals like the Black Lives Matter Movement and the New Black Panthers inciting crazed crowds with violence and hatred. Rioters are going crazy yet police are being ordered to stand down.

Obama thinks he's being sly but we see right through him and his radical agenda. He is stirring up insurrection to declare Martial Law. Plain as day.

Okay, are you ready for this? You better sit down and take a deep breath.

A new Army manual was created this past April advocating using lethal response against unarmed civilians. Are you ready for this next bombshell?

That same manual encourages the use of SNIPERS and small arms direct fire!!!! What's more, it directs them to “Ensure that target leaders or troublemakers are targeted.” It also instructs soldiers to “Exploit the psychological effect of an attack.”

This is sickening. An absolute outrage!

But it gets worse. Soldiers are directed how to use riot batons with deadly force, detailing the deadly target areas including the back of the neck, spine and head.

I am so distraught over this. Obama's campaign is mounting and we have to act fast. This will be his final hurrah before Martial Law is enacted.

Oh, he'll use Dallas, Texas as his excuse, making Alton Sterling a racial martyr. But we know better.

We know Dallas is his launching ground. The National Guard has been called in. Think about it. Put 2 and 2 together.

I fear for our families, friends and loved ones. We will be next—unless you step up and help us launch the biggest all-out, full-scale assault we have ever conducted against Obama to end his atrocities upon the American people and stop this coming civil war!

Forget the US Department of "so-called" Justice. Lynch is Obama's right hand woman.

We are now on the highest alert possible to prepare for what's coming. If for any reason you are skeptical remember what I told you months ago I told you about Obama's preparation for Martial Law.

Federal agencies are stockpiling weapons—tanks, firearms, ammunition—as is the Department of Homeland Security who placed orders for large numbers of hollow point bullets, some of the most destructive you can fire.

Let's not forget Obama's Executive Order (No. 13603) that gives his highness unprecedented power during a crisis. The bottom line on the executive order? Obama takes control of everything. America instantly becomes ruled by a dictator with a heinous regime.

I told you going on a year ago that Obama's actions were getting extremely disturbing—it was the precursor to Martial Law and total takeover.

Just think about what he's done so far:

  • Purging the military of the highest ranking generals and officers
  • Conducting mass gun-grabs, intending to leave Americans helpless to fight back
  • Freely giving away US sovereignty to impose New World Order
  • Building a mass arsenal of weapons and ammo using the Department of Homeland Security
  • Big old land grab attempt at the Bundy Ranch—and now with more attempts in Utah

Do not be fooled! Obama is confiscating property across the country to set up his internment camps. For all we know he's letting all those illegal children flow in just to test his new camps.

Already we know through our Tea Party intelligence that the U.S. Army built a 300-acre "fake city" in Virginia—complete with a sports stadium, a bank, a subway system, and even a school. It's modeled after a place you or I or our family and friends might live, work or visit.

Why, you wonder?

To carry out drills so that when the real thing hits, Obama and his army are ready to go. Trained, prepared and fully equipped. He can't afford to blow it. It's his defining moment—the ultimate coup.

I've never fought so hard in my life to stop something. This is evil incarnate. We all have to pull together. This is it. Do or die. Are you with us or not?

Right now we are under intense pressure. We have deadlines to meet and if we don't meet them we are dead in the water. What you see happening in Dallas, TX will turn into a mass bloodbath, a civil war, and once that happens Martial Law is here.

Prison camps will fill fast. "Traitors" will be shot on site. You and your families will be prisoners—slaves to Obama. We all will be.

You know all those letters, faxes, emails and calls we make? We have to increase our efforts a thousand-fold. I just put together additional special forces teams that are going to descend like the hounds of hell on Washington.

My colleagues are organizing protests, rallies and demonstrations.

It is very dangerous for them and they have to be very covert especially in light of this new information that encourages the murder of innocent citizens in cold blood.

But they are willing to stand and fight.

All they are waiting for is my "go!" signal. All I need is you.

I refuse to be a prisoner under Martial Law—or a target. Join with me. 

Steve Eichler
CEO, Tea Party


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