Vetting is crucial?

I have my own personal methods. I have recently joined a local group, WE THE PEOPLE. Overtime I realized that a lot of posters seemed not to have an understanding of the crucial informed skill of vetting.

I have set a goal  for myself to put together a how to vet document. 

TCC members could help me by contributing to this conversation by replying, bullet points would be fine, your key musts.

Would you help me?

One crucial technique I use is to attend groups and orgs that host speakers. I go with burning questions in hand. This places an elected or newbie answers as a public record. Some candidates are skilled at not answering a pointed question that equates to bad optics. Working with a Org or Club coming up with a Will You [the candidate] Sign this Pledge? is useful different groups will both share pledge items and have additional pledge items that reflect the mission/purpose of the group.

Please add your unique voice to this project.

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