Trump Files Lawsuit To Deport George Soros

Trump Files Lawsuit To Deport George Soros

Citing his crimes against humanity in World War Two, his consistent manipulation of world markets to further enrich himself, and his continued assault on the values of the average American, President Donald Jabroni Trump has initiated proceedings to further a lawsuit aimed at having evil, villainous, omniscient, criminal mastermind George Soros, deported from the United States back to his native European country that changes depending on which ever-trustworthy “journalistic source” tells the story of his life, and here he shared a few thoughts on the matter:
“George Snuffaluffagus Soros has spent decades terrorizing the world with his forced economic policy on lesser nations than ours, his manipulation of world money markets to satisfy his lusty greed, his opposition to powerful, magnificent governments such as my own, and his construction of coups to dethrone the rich, powerful, and vicious despots installed by America throughout the world.
All of which has come together in a pattern reminiscent of past treasonous activities from past traitors, and so we have decided to act by having this horrible, disgusting piece of human excrement deported from these United States of America through a lawsuit filed today.”
This will mark the first such deportation lawsuit of a rich and powerful, high profile, Jewish refugee from 1940’s era-Germany, American citizen in history and the Trump administration seems quite confident that it will be perfectly successful based on the facts and evidence compiled by the Department of Justice in support of their claims.

The fact that they have stacked the courts with Trump loyalists, beholden to our president from now and through the end of their careers due to the photographs and other evidence of crime and corruption that the president and his team have been blackmailing the justices with since their appointments.
H/T: DailyWorldUpdate

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  • He is.

  • LOL the optics that would suit you it would suit me as well. He is a nasty man.

  • Soros is a financial predator, he should be looked upon as the ultimate pariah by any nation that values their assets and their sanity. 

  • Hope and pray this is factual. This is only place that has story.

  • It has been amazing to me that the countries who seem to claim they want the guy -- U.S. has extradition treaties with so I wonder do th3 gov'ts of those counties really want him.

  • I sure hope it's true and throw in his son.

  • Several nations have arrest warrants issued for Soros so maybe just extradite him = gone for good huh? 

  • A very timely piece. I will be putting a monograph on George Soros on Kindle and Nook by next Monday .

  • The only thing that would suit me better:  Soros in prison, assets seized for life.  

  • Hi Robert, I can be hopeful that deporting Soros is true but it's looking right now that it's fake. Perhaps that will change. Old Soros puts his money on the end of a stick and the rabid rabbits of the left follow.

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