The Soros Influence

Going into the 2018 midterm elections are going to be a challenge for the Republicans. Not because President Trump's policies have failed, but because there are organizations funded and operated by felon billionaires like George Soros manipulating our politicians.
The Soros organizations starting the those who are members of the Open Society Foundation and funded by globalists that are part of the Soros misnamed Democracy Alliance have done their part in devising ways to stop Voter ID, and citizenship verification. Working with the media to attack those pointing out voter fraud and racially targeted registration drives. The public relations organizations Soros has created also worked in conjunction with the media to raise the fears of the minority groups about the loss of voting rights.
The Democracy Alliance financing these far-left groups have set out an agenda to force social media to change policies to cut out what they term fake news, meaning any group or individual who does meet the far left requirements set forth by the Democracy Alliance. The Democracy Alliance at the annual meeting of progressive socialist and top globalist donors featured such speakers and the DNC Chairman Tom Perex, Terry McCauliffe and Tom Steyer, the leader of the “Impeach Trump” campaign. It was lectured to by Media Matters Angelo Carusone who spoke of social media to change policies and to the Democracy Alliance agenda.
Meeting from April 15-18 in Atlanta the Democracy Alliance has economic plans written that are for no other purpose than to bring down the American culture and way of life by overwhelming American voters with illegals and take money for those groups from the American taxpayer. Reparations from the white middle class, as espoused almost word for word by Maxine Waters is also a part of the economic report. Sanctuary cities are also a part of the agenda. The financial plan was written and disseminated to the people of Democracy Alliance by Amelia Warren Tyagi- the daughter of Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
Voter ID laws have been struck down in numerous states along with voter integrity laws and is being used by the progressive socialists and the media to stop voting laws in states such as Kansas, Alabama, Pennsylvania,Ohio, Texas,Wisconsin and Georgia whose sole purpose is to maintain the electorates belief in the voting system that has worked for over 150 years. The result is states like Virginia not being to purge the rolls of voters and having more registered voters than citizens.
It was Soros, working through his organizations in conjunction with the IRS and groups like Campaign Legal; Center, Trevor Potter ( a former John McCain Lawyer) and Project Votes who attacked Tea Party Groups such as True The Vote by using the propaganda arm of these Soros organization with the support of the media that True The Vote was following an agenda of suppressing the minority vote. The Brennan Center, working in conjunction with Soros organizations was responsible for voting rights affirmative action messages used hundreds of time by the sycophants at the New York, local and national media and newscasts from the progressive socialist mainstream media and parroted word for word in the daily messages these media shared with the American people. The Brennan and Advancement funds have also moved to webinars, labor unions and other organizations to spread the myth of voter fraud as fas as possible. It has now even affected our universities and academia in general.
A $200,000 grant to New American media, a producer of multimedia content for local ethnic media outlets was made by Soros to influence the courts in voting rights decisions. Media Consortium is another group that received $200,000 to assist on moving the “progressive Independents” in the furtherance of the progressive socialist agenda when it pertains to voting rights. Both the groups have persisted in the lies that Voter Fraud does not exist and minorities are not educated enough to obtain a voter ID or be able to determine what true election integrity is. Along with these groups was a $500,000 grant to LA Raza to conduct non-partisan voter registration and voter education in Latino communities only.
The agenda has not changed going into 2018. Soros still is working towards the acceptance by the citizens of this country of global governance. The UN is conjunction with Soros and other globalists are pushing forward with the Small Arms Treaty and will use it to force globalists laws on the American people and lead to the confiscation of all firearms from the American People. This is being done through the “global ethic” of education that has been a rot on our schools for close to 20 years. This global ethic is the reason why so many of our younger members of society think that capitalism is wrong and socialism must surely be the answer. Once the tipping point is reached chaos and anarchy will ensue.
The Rockefeller Family Fund and Pew Research push for voter registration policies, and voter registration policies on maintenance of these rolls were changed and manipulated to meet the needs of George Soros. California now has mandatory voter registration for everyone on a government database. Those government databases include illegal aliens awaiting trial and felons. The parameters of this compulsory registration are now spreading to violent criminals as well, as was just administered by the progressive social governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe. The next step is to nationalize this policy to require all states to comply even though the states have the constitutional right to manage voter registration and voting rights of all elections.
The policies of such groups as the Soros “Democracy and Power Fund’ is specifically targeted to people of color, immigrants (legal and illegal), and lower-income people who reliably vote Democrat.
There has, in the past two years been an obstruction to the globalist view. Our President, Donald Trump understands what the end game is and has been foiling the agenda of George Soros and the globalists. This was the impetus for the Russian collusion story against our President, and as attested to by Daniel Jones to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Nov 3 of 2017, a former FBI investigator and now a Fusion GPS operative funded by a group of billionaires including George Soros. These are the same group along with Tom Steyer of Trump impeachment fame to send Fusion GPS another $50 million to continue the opposition research they already have and find a way to bring down President Trump.
Soros has other organizations such as Democracy 21 and CREW that have been given the task to bring down Rep. Devin Nunes.
Since the inauguration of President Trump, the left has made every effort possible to recreate the chaos and identity politics so prevalent in the 1970s. The difference this time is the deep pockets of globalists like George Soros and progressive socialist Tom Steyer. The race riots and formation of groups such as Black Lives Matter, By Any Means Necessary and Antifa are financed and directed by these individuals to create damage to the social fabric of the country.
Another area where Soros is operating is the mass migration in Europe and now, in America. The "caravan" of women and children as put forth by the mainstream media is a lie. Predominantly a mass of young males much as in Europe is slowly working toward a confrontation with our country. The lackeys of the globalist community have taken to "sanctuary cities" and are changing the social and economic landscape of our country. Illegal can now vote in many places, get in-state college tuition and in many places free college, and benefits paid for by the American taxpayers.
In California right now, a bill is making its way through the legislature also to give them free healthcare while primary health care for Americans including veterans rises at a staggering pace.
In Florida Marcos Vilar, a Soros crony has pushed through his group "Mi Familia Vota" to stop Florida from purging voter rolls of non-citizens, dead people, felons and others who reliably vote Democrat. Combined with the mass exodus from Puerto Rico who are being given benefits by the progressive socialists they can be counted to vote Democrat to keep those benefits flowing. All paid by the American taxpayer.
My next column will discuss the influence that George Soros and his minions are having on local races, including District Attorney nominations on the ballot in 2018.

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