The Rights of Man

Whatever the apparent cause of any riots may be, the real one is always want of happiness. It shows that something is wrong in the system of government that injures the felicity by which society is to be preserved. - Thomas Payne, “The Rights of Man”.


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. ― Thomas Jefferson, “The Declaration of Independence”.


When the Declaration of Independence was  Many people believed those words “All Men”, others believed, like benevolent dictators, that they had the best interests of their slaves in mind. Some believed that it would bring an end to slavery in the new country, others believed in the sub-human state of the minority races, who needed to be looked after.


No all was not perfect.


“To say that the Constitution is perfect, would be too high an encomium upon the fallibility of the framers of it; yet this may be said, that it is the best national machine that is now in existence. - John Leland, “The Yankee Spy”.


If we now take the common sense approach and say that “All Men” means “All People”, and apply that standard to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, we can then achieve equality in our system.


BLM says they want equal justice. OK, let them have the equal justice of the Rioters who stormed the Capital Building. AntiFa says the want social justice, let those who attacked the police and federal buildings have the same justice as the Capitol rioters. 


Democrats want all republicans who, they believe supported the riots to be removed from office, ok, equality of justice says those who supported the rioters in Minneapolis,  Portland and Seattle; amongst other cities; those who provided bail money to release them should also be removed from office.


In reality Justice is what we deserve, but it is Mercy that we really want.


People are unhappy, distorted justice, racial preferences, accusations of white privilege, and “witness” are all signs of racism. Distrust in the government by both sides is prevalent. Both sides accuse the other of “Special Privilege”, cronyism, and elitism.


To again quote Thomas Payne; “It shows that something is wrong in the system of government”


“I am taking certain steps here, someone somewhere's gonna have to do something.” - Any Politician, any time.


What we need is for the American political body, from town council to the Federal Government, to have honest OPEN investigations into, Crimes, Conspiracy theories, Allegations, and perceptions of impropriety, then to have open public trials of the Guilty.


We need to restore the Government to “We the People”. We need the government to get out of our daily lives. We need the government to quit telling us what we need. 

The Government needs to focus on the “General Welfare of the United States”, and leave the welfare of the people alone.


God Bless.

Just my thoughts for today

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