The Motor-Voter Fraud

November 2001 -- The great Florida vote-recount fiasco of 2000 highlighted problems with voting equipment used in the United States. Those problems may be less important, however, than the voting fraud allowed by the "politically correct" voting procedures currently in effect in the United States. Current voting registration procedures allow non-citizens to vote, and current voting sign-in procedures make it nearly impossible to prevent anyone from voting more than once.The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 -- the "Motor-Voter" law -- requires that people be allowed to register to vote when they apply for a driver's license, when they collect welfare payments, or by mail. No proof of citizenship is required, however, and motor vehicle departments are not equipped to check citizenship status. They must simply trust the applicant. The practical effect is that non-citizens are now essentially allowed to vote in the United States -- a clear violation of the Constitution.The Motor-Voter law was signed into law by President Clinton, a Democrat, after being approved by every single one of the 57 Democratic Senators (the Republicans voted 37-6 against it). Guess which party enjoys the lion's share of the benefit of voting fraud. That's right! What can be said about a party that is willing to make a travesty of both common sense and the Constitution to promote its own power -- and bank on the ignorance of the American public to get away with it?The Democratic demagogues got away with their power grab by depicting the Republicans as trying to "disenfrancise" racial minorities and the poor, of course. But the effort involved in registering to vote was minimal even before the Motor-Voter law, and registering was no more difficult for any one group than for any other. If someone is unwilling to endure a slight inconvenience to register to vote, how much effort are they likely to put into educating and informing themselves on the candidates and the issues? And guess which party they are likely to vote for? Right again!But if voting registration procedures are absurd, voting sign-in procedures are equally ridiculous. Only fourteen states require voters to provide official identification of any kind before they vote. In the other 36 states, anyone can waltz into any precinct voting station, claim to be any registered voter who lives in that precinct, then proceed to vote. And once an anonymous vote is inserted into the ballot box, it cannot be retrieved, of course.Yes, the Motor-Voter law makes fraudulent voting illegal, but how can anyone be caught doing it if they cannot be asked for official identification? And what is to stop anyone from getting up early on election day and voting fraudently in several precincts? If the real voter votes before the fraud arrives, the fraud can simply leave -- or claim that the earlier voter was the fraud and proceed to vote with a "provisional" ballot (just as the innocent voter could do if preceded by the fraud).The right to vote is the foundation of democracy, but the Motor-Voter law makes a travesty of it by facilitating voting fraud. It effectively allows non-citizens to vote, and it effectively allows anyone to vote more than once with impunity. The Motor-Voter law was pushed through by Democrats to bypass the Constitution in a pure and simple power grab. Any effort to accurately record and count votes is a sham as long as the Motor-Voter law is in effect.

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  • FYI

    Effective Jan. 1 2010, Florida requires a new driver to present an original birth certificate and social security card and two proofs of address ( ie., Utility Bills, etc) to get a new or renew drivers license.
    • Wonder how long it will take for the usual suspects to file a barrage of lawsuits and stop this dead in its tracks?
      • It's one of those pesky "States Rights" issues.
  • I posted this article to get feedback. I don't necessarily agree with all of it. A national ID card is not a good idea. Shades of "Your papers please" with a German accent come to mind.
  • It's ironic, but I like the way they vote in the Middle East; before voting, they get their thumb dipped in indelible blue ink. They cannot vote again that day.. . .. . ..

    However, most people carry a voter registration card .. . . . .before being registered, at a 'certified voter registration site', like a US Post Office. A Driver's License must be required.

    Therein lies the biggest problem; IF YOU WANT A DRIVER'S LICENSE, YOU MUST PROVE YOUR PLACE OF BIRTH IN THE USA. If, you are not a resident here, you will get a license, that does not look like a US citizen's license. A US citizen will have a different color license and a 'special encoding' for authenticity.. . .. .. This will be the 'only ID' recognized by the voter registrar. A dipped thumb is a good idea also. This will stop illegals, multiple voters and dead people. Early voting should be limited to 3 days; 1 month prior to election day.
    • Blue thumb? We'd call it a common sense to prevent voter fraud; the left would howl that it is racist and the news media would run endless stories of how many people died from allergic reactions to the purple ink.

      Having a voter photo-ID card (need a state-issued birth certificate or US passport and pay an application fee of $500.00) and purging the voter rolls every year would help, too.
      • Not to mention, comparing voter rolls with a resident ledger from the local cemetery.
  • I salute you for your service to the nation. I was born too late for Vietnam and too early for the Gulf wars. More is the pity. I wished I could have served.

    Over the long run, and if we can manage to get it passed into law, term limits will solve many of these political problems.
  • The question is, can we keep the ground swell of patriotism growing through the 2010 midterms and take back the congress and then grow large enough to take away the resident's second term in 2012 like we did with Jimmy Carter in 1980? And if we do manage to take back the legislative branch, will we have elected the right people who will repeal all the damage done by the 111th and 112th congress? And more, will we have elected the right people with the stones who will roll back all the liberal damage done to this country since 1918? The sixteenth amendment should be repealed and replaced with a flat tax system or a consumption tax system that no one will be exempt from. Welfare should be abolished and charity should be made limitless and deductible in it's entirety. The EPA should be abolished and all the damage done by this agency should be repaired. The tenth amendment should be reaffirmed and all laws that violate it should be declared null and void. Term limits should be enacted with 2 terms for the Senate and 6 terms for the House, but the limits should be applied when the elected official has been in the congress for 12 years. Pensions for elected officials should be abolished.

    States rights and the rights of the people should be affirmed as written in the 10th amendment. All gun laws restricting possession and acquisition should be repealed. Persons who commit violent crimes with firearms should be given life sentences in prison. Lobbying should be made illegal. Only living, breathing individuals should be allowed to publicly donate to political campaigns with no limits on contributions. Corporations and special interest groups should be prohibited from financing or donating to political campaigns. Federal government interference in public schools should be ended with all control handed over to each locality.

    Unions should be made illegal as they are nothing more than organized crime.

    I'll add more as I think of them.
  • Whats going on with Vent, I can't get in at all...?
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