The Battles are Varied But Worth the Fight!

No surprise to any one of you reading this that I would discover all to quickly during these past two plus years that most of whom we elect as officers be it within a republican organization or my County GOP once sworn in, they conveniently forget who they were elected to serve.  This mirrors the practice of the politicians we elect.

Bylaws are ignored conveniently by the R orgs and GOP elected. Bylaws are the organizations and GOP’s constitution therefore like our politicians in the U.S. Congress or my State Legislative bodies upholding the U.S. Constitution or ones State constitution is often to conveniently ignored. Adoption by the organizations and GOP of Robert's Rules of Order great but when conflicts happen around an issue the Parliamentarian curiously absent to give guidance.

A side note I joined a group of committed conservatives and a group of us recently worked on the Bylaws for the new group. The Bylaws support the power codified within its membership. Reinforcing if the membership elects you as an officer you were elected to serve. Will have to see how this works out.

The R orgs and GOP officers take an oath and like the politicians elected who take an oath it is quickly forgotten.

I and many conservative friends work to hold the elected accountable in the R orgs and the state and county GOP, same as do many of us trying to hold government elected accountable. Holding them accountable no easy endeavor, the effort often produces discouraging results.

For AZGOP all who were working to make a difference at our state GOP had a nice taste of a victory long overdue. We showed Chairman Lines the door ushered in Kelli Ward as our state GOP Chairwoman, it was a joyous occasion.

As I sat in the State meeting it was all to revealing that the battle before us was between two distinct camps. One camp of anti-Trump folks, McCain political machine folks (yes McCain is dead but his political machine lives on) and this camp represented all that I deplore of the establishment R’s and consider as RINO’s, this camp was all in for Jonathan Lines. The Kelly Ward camp represented a chance for real change and a chance to drain the AZGOP swamp. Ward is a staunch supporter of Trump and his America First Agenda and she is a strong conservative. Conservatives won a victory. In talking 1:1 with Kelli we both held the view that conservatives who no longer supported the state GOP or their county GOP some number who might have changed their party affiliation would come back and the signs they are can be seen already.

Another observation at the state meeting was how glaring the non-trust factor was. Ward supporters trust of the AZGOP was in the toilet and the Lines camp seem to trust that Lines would continue to do their bidding. It was a bitter defeat for the Lines camp, and they are expected to work against now Chairwoman Ward. `

I sent my County Chair an email bringing up the non-trust issue for it is not just an AZGOP issue it is an issue at my County GOP. Unifying the County Party is not possible without trust.  Efforts towards unity is a 365 7X24 hour commitment. Unity you will hear just after a primary election is settled – not acceptable. Calls for unity can not be a hollow one. The heart and soul of our GOP’s are its grassroots elected PC’s and SC’s and the concept of unity is to make the PC / SC the focus of power and not continue down the path that the Executive Committee knows best.

Listening to the SOTU our President offered a chance for the Democrats a way out of their deep abyss and my County GOP should embrace an opportunity to take a lesson from the President and embrace conservatives in order for all to heal.

As we move forward with renewed energy from the community of conservatives in my county, I feel we have a chance to effect positive change however our efforts must be sustained one.

…… and so too should we all with renewed optimism unleash our energy for a new energized conservative movement across America.

It’s surprising how much you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit – Abraham Lincoln

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