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 Roll Call--Did you join this website as a "912'er"?   

Hello Members,

Lately, while traveling through small towns in Oregon, I have been reminded of the Mission of The 912 Project and the Principles and Values upon which it was founded and...sadly the death of the project. The simple idea for folks to revisit the day after...September 12th (9/12) The day We were ALL just Americans,  The day We helped each other cope,  The day We re-acquainted with our neighbors and old friends, The day We flew OUR FLAGS...The day We knew our world was going to change- and not for the better!

Small town America seems to have a  built-in "camaraderie"...People know each other and they care.

The idea came to me that it is possible that some newer members may not have ever heard of The 912 Project-unless they read our Mission statement, our About us and our Get Started pages all of which are seriously in need of an update!!! Yikes!

So you may ask "what's the point"? My point is that I think something like the 912 Project is needed TODAY!

The Credibility of our word and the Integrity of our actions are all we have left and the progressive left is out to destroy that. The progressive commies are posting outrageous lies! Fabricating Fake News! While skillfully demeaning our word, undermining OUR Constitution and twisting the TRUTH!

As Mangus Colorado recently posted the answer to the question 

Just How Far Will the Left Go?
"All the way to Communism which is their end goal a Dictatorship. "
With that, I will ask members...
So now what? What can we do?
Is it time to revive the 912 Project?
Did you join this website as a "912'er"?

Please consider this a Roll Call, check in and say hello and share your thoughts...


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  • Suzie, I was a late subscriber to 912. However you idea sounds great.

    I recall a USA map that depicted the redness of counties across America a beautiful map to behold.

    Nothing like traveling in rural regions. Quite an eye opener and gives one hope.

    As far as the trained indoctrinated youth who seem capable of only throwing temper tantrums without I might add understanding why the engage in spoiled brat behavior is alarming. Who reared this kind of kid?

  • Lawrence,

    So great to see you.  Yes, I agree! These disrespectful brats, I mean kids have been taught the most outrageous ideas! I will always remember obummers great line... something to the effect of You kids know more than the parents... and all the other innuendos intended to undermine a Parents authority and respect!... The schools openly indoctrinate kids into the world of pervasion which is even more deeply put into kids heads in the violent one person shooter games... sex, drugs and rock'nroll mixed with bloody murder and mayhem! and now, of course, the vaping commercials... because smoking takes soo good in soo many flavors!! OMG!!! I could go on and on... I am so sick of it..

    The lack of respect I saw in today's teenagers and younger is exactly what brought me to conservatism...

  • Suzie: I just returned from Colorado and Oklahoma,I visited small towns in both states. It seems these people are all together and conservative. These are people that helped elect our President. Some thought that younger generations never had to fight or work for what they have today. The last few generations have had it to easy as most parents tried to give kids everything without working for it. The young know nothing about what olders ones have sacrificed for their family and country. If I was younger and healthy I would raise hell on some of youth today. God Bless USA Again.

This reply was deleted.

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