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 Roll Call--Did you join this website as a "912'er"?   

Hello Members,

Lately, while traveling through small towns in Oregon, I have been reminded of the Mission of The 912 Project and the Principles and Values upon which it was founded and...sadly the death of the project. The simple idea for folks to revisit the day after...September 12th (9/12) The day We were ALL just Americans,  The day We helped each other cope,  The day We re-acquainted with our neighbors and old friends, The day We flew OUR FLAGS...The day We knew our world was going to change- and not for the better!

Small town America seems to have a  built-in "camaraderie"...People know each other and they care.

The idea came to me that it is possible that some newer members may not have ever heard of The 912 Project-unless they read our Mission statement, our About us and our Get Started pages all of which are seriously in need of an update!!! Yikes!

So you may ask "what's the point"? My point is that I think something like the 912 Project is needed TODAY!

The Credibility of our word and the Integrity of our actions are all we have left and the progressive left is out to destroy that. The progressive commies are posting outrageous lies! Fabricating Fake News! While skillfully demeaning our word, undermining OUR Constitution and twisting the TRUTH!

As Mangus Colorado recently posted the answer to the question 

Just How Far Will the Left Go?
"All the way to Communism which is their end goal a Dictatorship. "
With that, I will ask members...
So now what? What can we do?
Is it time to revive the 912 Project?
Did you join this website as a "912'er"?

Please consider this a Roll Call, check in and say hello and share your thoughts...


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  • Hi KayDeeBeau,

    Yes... Vent was an experience wasn't it? Sort of like some big online demonstration that no one wanted to notice!

    Hope to see your name once in awhile! I know we are all busy! Take care and Thanks so much for stopping by

  • Oh My Gosh! Hi there. So very happy to see you here!  

    Thanks for stopping by...

    I hope we can reinvent those principles and values...but it takes members help to promote the idea... I know we all live to be examples! But these days I just want to slap people!!LOL!

  • Hi there Jo, so good to see you! 

     I am glad you checked in, hearing your activity- gives me hope that others are doing it too.

    Patricia Gillenwater  is another member who has become very active locally! I am so very proud to have come to know you...

    Everyone was so much more knowledgeable but I learned fast and I could run a website!!!

    I thank all the old timers for all my learning lessons!

    Hope to see you online once in awhile- I know everyone is busy with life in general...


    Patricia Gillenwater's Discussions
    Patricia Gillenwater's Discussions | Principled Constitutional Conservatives Reporting honest and truthful interpretations and violations to our Cons…
    • Yes this past year gave me a chance to remember what life was like before 2008 happened!  What a nightmare we came through.  I am so proud of all of us for the work we did to help save our country and get our wonderful President elected.  All of us helped, even if there was only one phone call, one message, one person we spoke to, one door bell we rang, we all made it happen.  We knew we weren't electing a choir boy and the stakes were and are so high that we had to look at what God's plan was and put it in his hands.  I feel like we all made a difference to give our grandchildren a chance at a free and great future.  We desperately needed this year to rest and renew for the huge, huge fight that is coming in 2020.  Hang in there folks it's going to be wild and crazy.

  • Hi there, Yes I did join this as a 912 Project.  My very first foray back all those years ago was on the "Vent" site that then became this site.

    Still here and still read posts - just don't 'vent' much any more

  • Justfolk here and I joined as a 912er. :-)

    Let's see the principles re-enacted!

  • Jo, Very nice to see a post from you today.

    You reminded me that another email letter was due from me to my President. Thank you for that.

    I am up to my ears with the midterm election needs here in my local community. Do all I can handle and more.

    • Frankly I feel so bad for our President and everything he has to go through every day.  These personal attacks have got to make a difference, as well as hurt his beautiful wife, Melania.  Sending thank you notes or just general "I appreciate and understand what you are doing for our country" Mr. President is my little way to help.  He may not ever know about it but it makes me feel like I'm helping.  And I was thrilled when I got mail from our White House, Christmas Card and response to my notes!

      • Jo, That is so touching and I share your sentiments. I went straight away and sent my email to our President.

  • Good to hear from trusted source of information.  I came upon the 9/12 groups while searching for ideas, meeting of the minds, trying to figure out what the heck was going on with the country I loved and thought I knew.  The 9/12 group was a good, solid, trusted source to vent, share ideas, get pertinent information and new energy to keep fighting.  Most times I questions myself and would come on board to find others thought the same and it gave me the go ahead to discuss with others and hopefully help wake them up.  You kept us organized, informed and knowing that there were others out there that believed the same.  This has been a valuable source for me.  I know I have not participated as much lately but with so much out there and so many to issues to deal with it's been impossible to be everywhere.  It looks as though groups are now disbanding and doing their own things.  This could be a good thing, people are still engaged (not all) but at least they are active in this on going fight for our country.  Some also needed a rest, a reminder of what our life used to be before politics and fighting with our neighbors, family etc.  As we get closer to the 2020 election this country is going to go into a frenzy and we are going to need everyone - rested, sharp and ready to give it their all.  The left is mobilized so we can't go to sleep now, we must stay informed and active, make calls, letters etc.  Don't forget to send a thank you note to our WH telling our President of the great job he is doing.  With all the crap he sees everyday he needs to see that we are still here.  I do that occasionally and believe it or not I have gotten several replies (most likely from his assistants but hey I got them). 

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