TCC Newsletter 10/13

Hello Fellow Patriots,


I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our New Members! We appreciate you!


As Constitutionalists, we may come from a variety of political parties, however, we all agree that our very Freedom is reliant upon retaining our Constitution as written. Our main focus should be on electing Constitutional Conservatives to office throughout the United States.


The goals of the deep state liberal progressive communists have become clear- very clear- destroy America and the virtues many have given their lives to defend. We face the MOST IMPORTANT Election in our great history - this is truly a battle of Good vs Evil!!


We now know their plan, they have UNITED and FUNDED the worst of the worst, Antifa, BLM, China, Russia, and gangs of all sorts, anyone who hates America is welcome to join them.  These riots, the looting, the destruction is NOT random-  it is my opinion that these are planned and well-financed terrorist attacks. I am no longer surprised by their evil doings. Follow the money trail to the likes of George Soros and involving many politicians who would stop at nothing to gain control.


We know the names, bumbling Bernie, heartless Hillary Clinton, batshitcrazy Nancy,  psychotic AOC, illegal Ohan, commie Comey, O'biden, hopeless Harris (this is fun!) I could go on and on- we know who they are and we know their goal- Communism wrapped up in a pretty package called Socialism.


All the information you need to prove this takeover- is posted on our website, it is up to you to SHARE it.


We at TCC are blessed to have talented researchers and writers- please take advantage of knowledge! Share with your friends and neighbors!  Remember "shoulda, woulda and coulda" will not save your FREEDOM Today


 Exciting new website "conveniences" (aka aps!) 

 Have you ever wanted to make sure a certain member sees your post or you wish to invite certain people to read your post- Well NOW YOU CAN! Similar to facebook all you need to do is type the @ sign and begin to type the person's name!!!  Yahoo! Great new addition!


Also- are you wondering how states are doing as far as Early Voting- Now you can check each State-  the AP is located under ELECTION 2020--- Click here


And I am happy to announce that our beautiful Welcome page is (finally) active- now Welcome is our Home page- to Enter the site simply click one of the many links on the Welcome page!


I hope that we are nearing the end of our all new rebuild and I wish to thank all members for your patience during this time!


And last but not least!! I realize everyone is busy supporting your Candidates but if you can- Please help to pay the rent! Your Donation is appreciated -every dollar helps!

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