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7077572858?profile=originalWhereas the people no longer believe that the government listens to their concerns or suggestions, we seek this as a way to redress our grievances.

Whereas corporations, special interests, and lobbyists let money direct the course and type of legislation and judgments, we seek this as a way to redress our grievances.

We, the undersigned, do hereby petition Congress to legislate an annual "Vote of Confidence" special ballot, for all 3 branches of the federal government-executive, legislative and judicial, to be held nationally on the first Tuesday of every May. The vote will include the President, Vice President, all members of the Supreme Court on all ballots nationally, as well as both Senators and all House members in their respective states.

Should the "Vote of Confidence" drop below 49% for any person on the ballot, a vote of no confidence will be declared for that person. Congress shall immediately begin recall, removal, or impeachment proceedings for any person that has a vote of 49% or less.

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