Dear Wounded Warrior Project,
Please stop sending us merchandise. We do not want the hats, stickers, magnets, clothing and backpacks you send us throughout the year. I don't understand how you have the funds for these items, yet you can't help the countless Veterans who need it. You can show us your programs and have a few Veterans testify for you, but it means nothing. I'm not a person who read a negative article about you and is now deciding to speak out. I am a caregiver who approached you in my time of need and I was told no. I was 3 weeks away from delivering our second son when my husband was injured. I flew from California to Bethesda to be by his side. I asked for baby items and assistance with travel for our immediate family so I could recover. I was told no. These were two of my dozen of requests that were all denied. I asked then what can help us with and you said "whatever you need." Merchandise was the only thing we have ever received from you. Fortunately for us, an organization did support us and fulfilled our needs. They gave us a swing and a pack n play for my husbands hospital room so I could continue his care. They flew our family out in time for the birth and flew out our oldest son,who was 4, across the country to spend Christmas with us. This organization was the Semper Fi Fund. I will be sending an email today to be removed from your mailing list. I hate to see anymore of your donor's funds wasted. Sincerly, the caregiver of a triple amputee. @wwp @semperfifund ‪#‎wwpgear‬ ‪#‎woundedwarriorproject‬ ‪#‎semperfifund‬

***NOTE (11/3/15)
I had no intention of sending this post viral. Its honestly overwhelming because we are very quiet and private people. I know not everyone agrees with my post because they were assisted in some way by WWP. That is great. I don't expect everyone to agree and I am glad there are individuals who have received help. We were stationed in 29 palms, Ca and made under $1900 a month for a family of three. When my husband was injured, I was flown to Bethesda, MD. I decided to leave our four year old son in California with my parents. I was expecting a swift return to San Diego and I didn't want him to see his dad in that condition. I had a automatic payment set up for my parents back home so all his needs were met. There was no savings for our needs in Bethesda. I was never looking for a handout or a check from WWP. I just wanted help. I had nothing to lay my newborn baby in while in the hospital room. I slept on a chair and my husband had MRSA. i asked for a bassinet, I was told no. I asked for someone to take my debit card to target and buy me one. I was told no. I didn't have a vehicle or a car seat. I was desperate. I flew to Bethesda in October and stayed through January. I didn't own any warm clothing. I walked to and from the hospital through snow in flip flops until my family bought me boots during their visit. I never asked for things for myself. We couldn't afford plane tickets across country during the holidays. I was due to deliver our second son on December 17th. I knew we needed family bedside to continue my husbands care while I delivered our son. We were told no. Luckily Semper Fi Fund flew our family out for two weeks. It made our hospital room Christmas morning much more pleasant. I had a hard time getting my husband dressed everyday for therapy. He was still connected to wound vacs in his legs and tubes throughout his body. We asked if there was a way to get some snap athletic clothing, we were told no. Luckily "Sew much comfort" provided Jon with velcro clothing. There were more requests I made and I was told no. I asked what do you do and they said whatever you need. If you only provide specific services, then make that information available. If you outsource most of your Veterans to other non profits, yet sue them for stepping on your toes, then state that. If you cant help my family then state that instead of keeping us hooked with false hope. I see organizations like Homes for our Troops who can put a Veterans family in a mortgage free handicap accessible forever home with a tiny portion of what WWP makes a month and it upsets me. All I ask, if you know of a specific need of a Veteran that you want to see happen, then donate to that specific organization.

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  • Fault can be found with any organization or person. In the end she did get some help. Most of us have a Military person in our family and would hate to see them mistreated at any time. As there are those who want to cut our Military down to size it is moving more and more of our Military families into the poverty class. As long as we can remember our Military protects us and they leave their families in our hands to be cared for while they are deployed. It is also up to the Military to protect their own. This person should have had a support system within her Military family as with her own family as she seemed to have had. As in any community each person needs to participate and not stay passive. 

    We all like to keep our independence but, there are times when most of us need just that little bit of help. Talk, talk and keep talking to people because each of us hold a fountain of knowledge. This person is venting because of her experience but there are thousands who have received help from WWP. What puzzles me most is why WWP did not refer her to another organization. I'm afraid ineptitude abounds in our society but, we cannot throw anyone or organization under the bus because they left a bad taste in our mouth. Are there problems with WWP? Could be but how many of our Vets would have been worse off without them?

    When we give to Non-Profits as with our Candidates, we act in good faith. We pray they also act in good faith. It's all we have left to give us strength to help those in need. Accuations are easy to make at any time but, accuations without a foundation of wrong-doing damages a person or organization beyond compare. I would like to believe this person is just hurting because of ineptitude of those she sought help from rather than an organized effort to ignore her pleas for help.  

  • Its a sad state of affairs be it an article of truth, partial truth or completely fabrication. Non-profits should have stiff limitations on any salaries paid out in fact non-profits I would say should should have folks of the all volunteer variety. They could start with an audit of the Clinton Foundation and impose restrictions.

  • There are a few issues I have with this. For starters, it`s source is FB, one thing that jumps out is the complaint about no warm clothes after declaring she offered to give out her debit card to buy a bassinet, there are other conflicts. I posted a piece a while back based on a single source that claimed WWP was a scam, a few days later, further digging found a couple legit sources that seemed to debunk the accusation, I posted all the info and have not had the time to get back into it. I have been involved in a few WWP events, they have been exceptionally well run, without any "hard sell" tactics.Something about the above "letter" strikes me as strange.

    • I tend to agree with your reasoning . . . but, being involved in an "event" is totally different than providing the services that are claimed, on a daily basis.   "Events" are usually done through the energy of local folks and the national organization, primarily, lends credibility to it.

      Those on the Left would like nothing more than to discredit anything positive for our Vets, so I do tend to believe this is a made up article or simply a "grand misunderstanding" to punch holes in WWP.      (reference prior post)

      I, personally, will continue to financially support them (only a small monthly donation) as they do provide services and folks involved in supporting the organization and its services, do care.

      When us guys came back from Vietnam we had near zero support, anywhere other than the rat infested VA . . . even the VFW provided little to zero help.

      • Thanks, Rich for pointing this out.  The left could certainly be behind this.  Once again I may have been "gullible" to false claims.

        I do know there are many charities out there that make false claims and fleece a lot of people.  I do hope you are right and WWP is not one of them.

        The person did point out those who did help.

  • It's very sad when people donate to what they believe is a good cause and it turns out to be all for naught.

  • This is late . . . . but, a call to the local VFW and/or Vietnam Vets of America would probably have also solved her problems.  

    I assume her husband was in VA hospital (Walter Reed?) so there are VFW volunteers and Vietnam Vets in there every day . . . unless the VA has run them off . . . which may be the case.

    The "hospital staff" should have referred you to any of the above mentioned Veterans.  As for WWP, their leader makes $300,000+ per year and there have been controversies over their ops.

    But . . . . I still contribute to the WWP as hopefully some good will come out of it . . . . other than more TV advertising.

  • This has been happening since the beginning - it is non taxable charitable enterprise made up to pay big salaries to the founders. The same is true of many non taxable [profit] like Tea Party Patriots - and others yes, even on the right. 

  • If this is fact WWP is in deep trouble with people.

This reply was deleted.

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