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  • . “In Colorado, Thanksgiving is limited to 10 people, but funerals are limited to 30," Boebert told Fox News in a recent interview in Washington, D.C., during congressional orientation. "So I'm going to have a peaceful funeral for a turkey and have about 30 people at my house."

    . "A government that is big enough to shut down your Thanksgiving dinner is a government that's too big,"

    .She embraces her outsider story and said Congress should be a citizen-led body and could use the perspective of someone like her.

    “To me, one of the most important things is remaining real in this place full of tucked-in shirts and ties and suit jackets,” "I'm coming outside of the box to rip the lid open," Boebert added. "I'm not coming in to jump inside the box with them. ... I'm not here to grow government. I'm here to shrink government.”


    Colorado's 3rd district elected Lauren Boebert as their congressional representative. This is the type of person we're supposed to send to Congress, not the progressive coup Ivy League grads most voters consider 'qualified' these days.


    • . . . once seated little hope to make a difference.


    In these times of Chaos and confusion, frustration and downright anger... People are out there searching for us and signing up with us, but I think our Welcome emails do not get to these new members- perhaps this is one reason we rarely hear from new memebrs- is that they are not notified of their membership or they do not search their junk mail... Either way...

    For a while I would like to open the website meaning new membership would be automatic- as soon as they sign up they could continue to what made them find us in the first place- rather than wait sometimes a day if I do not notice it...

    I would very much like your Feedback on this... Please keep in mind I still have a BAN button should any trouble maker get through...

    We need as many people as we can find out there!!

    Thanks Suzie

    • Go for it!

      I like it, we had to bounce trolls before under word press. It might be better to risk a few troll for many new members.

  • I sure got excited this morning when I read "George Soros" arrested!! Unfortunately is was FAKE News!! Damn!

  • THE


    Plan!! A four Part plan to take over America- this man laid it out In the MID  80's please listen to how completely REAL this FEELS. i HAVE POSTED THIS NUMEROUS TIMES BECAUSE i TRUELY BELIEVE THIS IS AND HAS HAPPENED TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA'-- PLEASE SHARE!SHARE! sHARE!


  • We now know the Republic is at the bottom of the abyss. R's are jumping ship selling out (us) to the devil thinking if they have done this the masters will allow them a seat at their table.

    I believe Sidney Powell. My gut instincts inform me that she is on track.

    They will try and destroy Ms Powell. I predict that the technocrats will be the first to try nd silence her.

    I wish I were more hopeful today. Trump will be fed to the beasts. Even if he flys away on inauguration day they will be determinedt to go for retribution.

    I predict that starting in the New Year that massive attenpts will be made to break our will. The only thing about the "new normal" is that it is "evil abnormal".

    • Well she's not giving up Pat.  I believe, as it was explained to me, that Trump had to drop her from his team.  The RINOs are complaining about the RNC paying her fees (they're not) so they had to distance from her.  Also, the suggestion was made that they separated to make it a two-part (fork) attempt to get cases through the courts. 

      Good news....Alito was given the district Pennsylvania is in.  "It's not over "until the fat lady sings."   They have until December 14 on one of the cases and I forgot the earlier December date.


      • I do not think as kindly about the RINO's. Weenies they are.

    • Welcome to the new "Demented-Dem-American-Reset", AKA Socialism/Communism. 

      Ms. Powell may have found herself on the top of the Clinton Hit List so to take the heat off Trump "booted" her, even though, "I believe" she is still fully active in gathering evidence.

      Her theory is exactly correct as the forged ballots and precinct miscounts were simply a smoke-screen (for a few thousand votes to mislead investigators) to cover the "real" theft of millions of votes; i.e., the electronic voting machines, controlled by someone in Spain, Germany or a leading Demented-Dem, like obamba or Vlad, the Impaler of Russia, but obamba will, as usual, keep his hands clear of the dirty work.   😊

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