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      • Exactly, Rich.  She's on top of the hit list and probably Rudy as well.  These people will stop at nothing.

        I read somewhere that AG Barr is under their wing along with the CIA and nothing will ever come of Bidens, Clintons, or Obama evil doings.




        The Steam Room
        Built with your voice in mind.  Go ahead - Say it!  Vent and let off a little steam!  What are you mad about?  What upsets you the most?  Have a solu…
      • The would be god emperor oblahblah has been fully involved in this. He's never been told no, or lost and wasn't about to now. He was also raised as super special entitled to everything with not much effort to get it kind of kid. He, like so many now didn't learn the lessons we had to about losing with grace, disappointments, being let down, etc and he and they can't handle not getting their way!  Just look at all those peaceful protesters out there, showing how they handle not getting their way!  He's a silver tongued devil who won't go away. It's too bad he's so much younger than killary and brainless. They're at the end of their days, he's just starting!  A very rough ride is truly ahead of us sadly.  I think it's time we all practiced our chameleon skills. 

        • O was selected to be the Manchurian President. He allowed himsef to be trained and Michelle as well. 

      • We are in for a rough and scary roller coaster ride. 

    • I think you're right Patricia and it's so sad and makes me livid!  The next administration will not be my administration unless a major miracle happens and there's a 2nd term for trump. I abhor the phrases "new normal" and "alone together". But I believe there are now too many generations that can only be told what to think, no questions asked or allowed, taught incomplete world and u.s. history so they have no clue what they are about to unleash on this country and the world. They only know they're entitled to everything with no effort involved because their entire lives they've been told they're so special, and so important and they're owed everything. They can't comprehend so they allow themselves to be put in "box" after "box" of identity politics. The commie leftist elites know together we stand, divided we fall, so that's exactly what they've created, people that don't feel worth anything unless they can list off as many labels ("boxes") about themselves as possible, inventing even more labels to add to their sad, pathetic, lonely lives.  I've seen this with my own eyes and it's crazy sad and terrifying!  

      • I too hate, yea hate, the use or "alone together". Who are these people who would use this slogan? Evil ones. Kids have been indoctrinated right before their parents craring eyes. IT IS TERRIFYING.

        • I for one will have no room for empathy, sympathy, understand9ng or even unity when the real world crashes violently into the identity snowflake zombies. They made their bed, they get to live in it with no shoulder to cry on from me.  They will be the loudest group to tear their hair, wail and cry "not fair" when their karma finds them. They all should have had at least 1, maybe more good honest spankings decades ago from their parents, but those parents preferred being their kids best buddies cuz - parenting hard!  Unfortunately, they've taken all of us with them. Welcome the the U.C.S.A. = united communist states of american. Adding only 1 letter to our country is easier for them than standing for the 3 letters we've always had!

  • Is this what Sidney Powell is talking about?


    “KRAKEN” is a CIA Hacking Program
    Kraken is a DoD cyber warfare program that tracks & hacks other systems to acquire evidence of nefarious actions of other nations & enemies.

    Rep. Devin Nunes on the Election: ‘Biden Team Is Putting on a Facade That They've Won’ | American T…
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