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      • Robert Tidwell  While I was unable to confirm any of this... it is certainly believable!

    •  Quisno Son of the republic WOW! Good find  Reading the 43- page mumbojumbo... I picked a few excerpts I thought you all would enjoy... I picked these based on the "scientific data"  which is replaced with = self- realization data!!!  From what I read (most of it) this appears to be a way for the inventor to measure your response-- oxygen level and heart rate--- to every conceivable outside influence!!! There is NO system to test blood, urine,nasal swab, or any scientific testing to verify an Illness of any kind!!

      Here is the complete patent application

      The previous patent dates shown are for biometric testing devices and other items related to this patent application

      So are you T E or S?


      The keyboard ( or other input device ) in the com
      puting device , or alternatively the keyboard ( or other input device ) in the biometric device , may be used to enter
      self - realization data , or data on how the user is feeling at a
      particular time . For example , if the user is feeling tired , the
      user may enter the “ T ” on the keyboard . If the user is feeling their endorphins kick in , the user may enter the “ E ” on the
      keyboard . And if the user is getting their second wind , the
      user may enter the “ S ” on the keyboard . Alternatively , to
      further facilitate operation during the exercise , or sporting activity , short - code key buttons such as “ T , ” “ E , ” and “ S ”
      can be preassigned , like speed - dial telephone numbers for
      frequently called contacts on a smart phone , etc. , which
      be selected manually or using voice recognition . This data
      ( e.g. , the entry or its representation ) is then stored and linked
      to either a sample rate ( like biometric data ) or time - stamp data , which may be a time or an offset to the start time that
      each button was pressed . This would allow the self - realiza
      tion data to be synchronized to the video data . It would also
      allow the self - realization data , like biometric data , to be
      searched or filtered ( e.g. , in order to find video correspond ing to a particular event , such as when the user started t


      Depends on the music!


       The individual could further specify that they wished for the specific track or music type , based upon the
      personalized selection algorithm , to be played based upon their geographical location ; an example of this would be
      someone who frequently or regularly uses a particular circuit
      for training or recreational purposes . Alternatively , tracks or
      types of music could be selected through recording or
      correlation of past biometric response in conjunction with
      self - realization inputting when particular tracks were being listened to

      And of course it depends on what you are SEEING!!

      location .
      [ 0091 ] Alternatively , the individual might be driving past or in the proximity of a park or a shopping mall , with their
      location being recorded , typically by geo - stamping , or addi
      tional information being added by geo - tagging , such as the
      altitude or weather at the specific location , together with
      what the information or content is , being viewed or inter
      acted with by the individual ( e.g. , a particular advertisement , a movie trailer , a dating profile , etc. ) on the Internet or a
      smart / enabled television , or on any other networked device incorporating a screen , and their interaction with that infor
      mation or content , being viewable or recorded by video , in
      conjunction with their biometric data , with all these sources
      of data being able to be synchronized for review , by virtue
      of each of these individual sources being time tamped or
      the like ( e.g. , sampled , etc. ) .


      And of course- other third party organization would love this data!!


      This would allow a third party ( e.g. , a service provider , an advertiser , a provider of adver tisements , a movie production company / promoter , a poster of a dating profile , a dating site , etc. ) to acquire for analysis of their response , the biometric data associated with the
      viewing of certain data by the viewer , where either the
      viewer or their profile could optionally be identifiable by the
      third party's system , or where only the identity of the
      viewer's interacting device is known , or can be acquired from the biometric sending party's GPS , or otherwise loca
      tion - enabled , device
      • I read both of your posts. I think evil alians have taken over and we all are living in a simulation.

        Then there is Jeff Toobin pleasuring himself on a Zoom call which is forever stored in a cloud. Ugh!

        • Ex-Labor Secretary under Clinton, Robert "the 4rd" Reich, has plans on punishment (whips and chains?) for Trump supporters if quid-pro-quo-Joe wins.  His concept of a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission"employed burning tire necklaces in S. Africa, but, will he go this far?  😊


          Former labour secretary calls for Truth and Reconciliation Commission to punish Trump supporters
          Clinton's former Secretary of Labour Robert Reich has called for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission once Joe Biden wins the presidential election,…
        • Toobin, once again proves, Demented-Dems and FAKE NEWS "Urinalists" are not only simply CROOKS, but are wacky PERVERTS.    😊

          • Another one of those times I wish we had a Thumbs up!


          • Thumbs up! "Urinalists" that is a good one Rich.


    • YES!  Thanks for contact numbers.


  • while i was asleep i saw a vision> where once there were brush dotting the grass plain now you see none. As this number 17 is purged from the sight of people they are now beginning to understand why there are no more stands of brush to be seen. Robbed from the masses are the remnants of the truth promised, and as God has promised all who seek the truth will find that the enemy will now give to those masses that which they tried to stop. Consciousness is as the grass which searches for the rain falling from the heavens in its need for life.

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