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    • Now that's just silly . . .


      Why would we want to debate "Night Chat"  what do you have against chatting at night ?




  • These pictures appear to be another planet! But this is only a few minutes from where I live!

     Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor and foodImage may contain: outdoor, nature and waterImage may contain: outdoor, water and nature, text that says 'KEVIN KEY PHOTOGRAPHY'

    Aerial Views of the New Salton Sea Mudpots

    The mudpots in these photos are located along the San Andreas Fault at the Salton Sea. They are a couple miles from the more well known and less active mudpots at Schrimpf and Davis.

    A mud pot is a natural double boiler! Surface water collects in a shallow, impermeable (usually due to a lining of clay) depression that has no direct connection to an underground water flow. Thermal water beneath the depression causes steam to rise through the ground, heating the collected surface water.

    Hydrogen sulfide gas is usually present, giving mud pots their characteristic odor of rotten eggs. Some microorganisms use the hydrogen sulfide for energy. The microbes help convert the gas to sulfuric acid, which breaks down rock into clay. The result is a gooey mix through which gases gurgle and bubble.

    Another mudpot in nearby Niland resulted in the SR-111 Highway having to be rerouted around it. The nearby train tracked have had to be rerouted as well.

    Note that these particular mudpots cannot be driven to (unless you have a vehicle capable of driving through very deep and sticky wet clay) and are not practical to walk to (unless you're prepared to trudge through muddy wet clay that is nearly waist deep in some parts. They're best seen from above like you're seeing here.

    I'll be posting some high-resolution 4K videos of this area in the next few days.

    While in the process of filming, my drone ran out of battery power (I should have started flying back to the home position sooner) and dropped out of the sky into the water. I thought all hope was lost, but the next day I returned with my inflatable boat and sailed out to the exact coordinates of the crash site according to the flight log. The water was about 2.5 feet deep and too murky to get any visual confirmation. I hoped out of my boat and my feet sank at least a foot into the soft bottom of the lake. I shuffled around for less than 5 minutes until my toes bumped into something. I reached down and it was the drone! So, now that I was able to recover the drone, I can make an insurance claim and get a replacement drone. I will NOT be making this same mistake again! No more pushing the limits of battery power when I fly!

    Also, I must commend SanDisk for their "Extreme" microSDXC memory card that survived being submerged in hyper saline water for nearly 24 hours. After rinsing the card in clean water and drying it off, I was able to recover all the high definition photos and videos without any trouble. (The photos and videos I posted the other day were lower-resolution versions transmitted wirelessly to the flight controller).

    Kevin Key
    Kevin Key is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Kevin Key and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the wor…
  • I came in from mining and was removing clothes to shower when i ran accrossed a Tic whch was trying to imbed its self  under my arm. So took a little denatured alcohol on a cotton tipped swab and plced it on his head. For a full 5 seconds he continued trying to dig his hole when he stopped. he began walking side ways. ind never seen a tic walking sideways before so i just observed. then his moton became eradic and he started to go in a circular motion.  after about 2 minutes he dropped into  the palm of my hand curled up and i thought he was dead. so i put him on the bath stad and 5took a shower.  after 10 to 15 minutes i stepped out and sat down on the toilit seat i watced an insect who couldnt trverse a straight line and if i didnt know better would thisnk was drunk.  so if you fid a tic on your person try my experiment and see if i came to the right conclusion.

    • That dang tic was drunk. How funny! If I ever have a tic attacking me again for supper I'll try this.

  • I am steaming happy steam. Who could have imagined a patriotic, support for the thin blue line and showing support for Trump by marchers on Rodea Drive, CA --

    Rodeo Dr parade
  • Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Champion Of Gender Equality, Dies At 87

    NPR stories on legal issues, court rulings, Supreme Court hearings, new laws and government investigations. Download the NPR Justice Talking podcast…
  • Friends, I wanted to share this info from Heritage Foundation


    I wanted to make sure you saw this in case you want to add it to your watchlist this weekend.

    Just last Tuesday, a new documentary was released on Amazon prime featuring Heritage Foundation legal expert Hans von Spakovsky and visiting fellow Allen Guelzo.

    Just search for the film’s title “Safeguard: An Electoral College Story,” and you can view this documentary which details the history of the Electoral College and the many myths and misconceptions surrounding it.

    Here’s the link to see the trailer on YouTube to give you an idea of what to expect:

    If you have Amazon Prime, I hope you’ll plan to watch!

    But even if you don’t and are still interested in this topic, I know we also have a new eBook coming out soon that covers this information as well that may be helpful for you.

    Let me check with my team to see if I could go ahead and send that over to you in the next few days before it goes live.

    I’ll keep you posted.

    Have a nice weekend,


    Mitchell Porwoll
    Director, Membership Programs" alt="The Heritage Foundation" width="227" height="75" data-imagetype="External" data-connectorsauthtoken="1" data-imageproxyendpoint="/actions/ei" data-imageproxyid="" />
  • to begin this I must rely on the original creation of the term used inb the United states of America. CIVICS 202

    The framers of the U.S. Constitution had several concepts in mind: They did not want to establish a king, they wanted to diversify the decision-making process in the creation of laws, and they wanted to establish a system in which ordinary citizens have a significant voice. For this reason, they created  a 3 or triple basis for Government in which no aspect of government has sole authority over laws and legality. For example, while Congress passes laws, the president has to sign them (for the most part), and the judicial system provides recourse when the laws are unfair. In order for this system to operate, people need to know about how it is supposed to work so that politicians and judges can operate properly and also so that citizens can challenge leaders when the leaders are in the wrong. Further, civics instruction can provide students with opportunities to consider local and national issues and learn about what citizens can do to create change where problems exist. For example, a large portion of the civil rights movement involved the use of the courts rather than a revolution to strike down laws pertaining to the segregation of schools. Civics, then, that helps people to understand and to influence the legal context in which they find themselves; this is why it is a critical subject to study.helps people to understand and to influence the legal context in which they find themselves; this is why it is a CRITICAL subject to study..  [ And this small lettering makes me think im blind]

    Courses are available for those in need of CRITICAL thinking, the rest can watch TV and eat Genetically modified Popcorn. Which leads me to another subject. I popped some popcorn 4 years ago and i put it into a glass bottle  today it still looks so yummy. 

  • Meanwhile back at the ranch...

    Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development .:. Sustainable Development Kno…
    • Suzie, I suggest researching the AFHH Rule or fair housing rule. The rule born in the O & Biden administration quietly completed and Biden wants to turbo charge. This rule fits well with the un agenda21-30.

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