Unemployed coal miner and West Virginia Senate candidate Bo Copley said President Donald Trump is following through on his campaign promise to end the war on coal.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced Monday that the Trump administration is moving to scrap the Clean Power Plan, an Obama-era regulatory program to curb emissions from coal-fired power plants.

On "Fox & Friends," Copley said Trump is doing his best to revitalize the coal industry, which was devastated by the Obama administration.

He said he's already seen evidence on the ground of the industry making a turnaround, as coal companies look for more workers and coal transport increases.

"The little nuisances that we thought were nuisances - being behind 18-wheelers hauling our product or being caught behind coal trains - we got kind of used to them not being on the roads and being on the tracks anymore. And now that we're getting hung up behind them again, people don't seem to mind as much as we did before," Copley said.

"We're extremely grateful for the president and Mr. Pruitt," Copley added, explaining that communities that rely on coal feel like their voices are finally being heard.

Copley, who infamously confronted Hillary Clinton when she made a 2016 campaign stop in West Virginia, said he's running for Senate because the people of his state deserve lawmakers who are not disconnected from their constituents.