Just tell Alexa...

By Susan Nielsen


Over the years we have all voiced one concern: "Have we passed the point of no return?" Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that as deeply as socialist/communist ideology has been embedded into our children's brains- that Yes indeed we have passed that point. There is NO way to return to what we once were. Change, as they say, is inevitable...


This is nothing new, from the roaring of the 1920s to the gyrating hips of Elvis in the 1950s these "changes" have occurred with each new generation. Each change has been met with shock and awe- just not to the degree, we are experiencing now.


Change brought with it new innovations and conveniences that once only dreamed at Disney’s Tomorrow Land. My Father always said, “If you see it in a movie, it will come to pass.” Because it meant that great minds were already working on these technologies…


Today, you can simply say “Alexa, add celery to my grocery list and so much more!” Few people know or completely comprehend, that as you added to your Alexa lists, you were actually filling in your personality profile. Your profile is actually designing your own personal propaganda! You told Alexa you like celery- now your inbox will be full of delicious celery recipes, ads for discount celery, and on and on…Celery Propaganda!


Take that technology and apply it to a child’s brain. It’s all fun and games to kids, they have no clue how harmful games are. All they know is that they love the rush of adrenaline, that feeling when they kill the adversary and get rewarded by flashing lights and Points!


Yes, in the simplest of terms we have become a planet of “Classical Conditioning” Ivan Pavlovs dogs.


The same can be said for our education system. What child would not love to hear words like “we know better than your parents” or “You don’t have to do what your parents tell you”? The entire education system has been turned into a curriculum akin to a socialist training camp where the bar has been placed so low that everyone gets awarded for doing nothing!


And what follows is a society where people are being given awards (unemployment/stimulus) for sitting on their butts at home munching out and doing nothing! Meanwhile, businesses go bankrupt because they cannot afford to do business and compete with Welfare!


Add a man-made biological virus to the mix and you have a society in chaos.  Chaos with some of the most advanced psychological brainwashing with the intent to dehumanize, desensitize and devalue human life, by dividing us, by covering our faces thereby hiding our emotions, by distancing friends and family, by feeding us huge doses of fear and misinformation all designed to create more chaos.


The answer is- yes, we have passed that point of no return. But I still believe we can shape our tomorrow.


We have a generation of what I will call the “Rainbow Haired Tattooed Self Mutilated Eunuch’s” who think that $15.00 an hour is not enough for a career as a burger flipper… well need I say more?


 I will say it again-The answer is -yes, we have passed that point of no return. But I still believe we can shape our tomorrow.


I have come to cringe every time I hear the words “You got this” because the truth is folks, sometimes “We don’t got this”


My Mom, bless her, always called me a “Pollyanna” because I always managed to try to find a half-full glass, would be shocked because now I can’t even find the glass!


At 68 years of age, I can honestly say I lived in the best of times and through many changes…I am not naive, but I can't wrap my brain around some of this nonsense!


I believe we must focus on trying to help shape our tomorrow and how to survive it!


 I know that each of you has a life you are trying to live and that these days that is not an easy task…In order to survive, you will need a plan… No, I do not have the answers…but together we can support each other and help one another get through one more day at a time!


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 I appreciate your continued membership,





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  • Glad to have you back Suzie.


    What you have pointed out in your commentary is the hard truth. True as well we must support each other. We can ill afford curling up as  if in  a  safe cacoon.You and future generations. our constitution republiic is under domestic war against us. We need to garner strength from each other to fight back. 


    Feeling powerless is acquiesce to the domestic war now being waged against the USA. We are not sheep.


    Change as Suzie said is inevidble after all this great republic is a great and grand eperiment to become better with age ever working for a more perfect union. 


    We can't let the socialist Marxist communist have their way, Fight back. Reconize the swell of parents across America rising up against  CRT and the sexualizing of their children and at great cost often to themselves. We seniors  can encourage and support these new momma and poppa bear warriors. Gains have been made by these warriors, proof of that is the response by Xidens Mr Garland.


    I do think the 2022 and 2024 elections are critical must win.s If we win our fight starts anew to continue to hold the elected accountable, all feet to the fire.


    Liberty, freedom is worth fighting for the fight must be waged over and over because the enemy living among is are at our door.







    • Patricia Gillenwater 

      👍 and 👌

      I think I ran out of gas for a while, with moving and all I was pretty overwhelmed. But I will be taking baby steps behind you -as I attempt to get "involved" locally- that's kind of a laugh as I already got myself removed from -Nextdoor!!

      • I  got silenced a lot on the general open forum on NextDoor but a friend started a PRIVATE GROUP, WE THE PEOPLE, Constitutional Conservatives, joining one must be  vetted. I am an admin. ND does not for now support ease of vetting. We have only had to revoke membership of a few. The  groups membership has grown by leaps and bounds. Start a private group Suzie.

        • 👌 tried- they did not like that called it a double account and shut it down- ticked me off as it had a great example of a community having a discussion with out an incident!  but they removed it and when I questioned it openly they removed me!LOL!

          I have enough on my plate!LOL!

          PS-be seeing you soon in a zoom! Monday or Tue...will get in touch with the link

          • I'm not sure of the "double account" I will try and find more about this issue,

This reply was deleted.

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