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31 December 2020

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I do not know whether to call it ironic or eerie but I never thought I would be sitting home on New Years Eve watching The Twilight Zone while feeling as though I am LIVING The TWILIGHT ZONE!

Over the years you have heard me say that my dear Father-as we sat and watched our flickering black and white TV -he would say “Suzie, IF YOU SEE ”IT” in a movie, especially a Science Fiction movie- then “IT” either exists or soon will” and I believe it 100%.

I see no reason to take up space here with a trip down memory lane for 2020-   We watched it, we read it, we lived the year from hell- no one wants to ever see this again!

Our lives revolved from headline lies to headline lies,  we watched our President act under horrendous false accusations and attacks on his lovely family, we spent our time searching for the truth,  sometimes,astounded when we find it!  It is difficult to believe the level of corruption in our once constitutionally bound Government Officials- Officials that oftentimes “We the People” elected to their offices…

 Over the years, I have written repeatedly about the Communist Agenda and Agenda 21/30, New World Order, etc… The Demise of America as we know it, as Obama said he was going to “fundamentally change America”…. the slow slip into socialism, I liken it to a frog being boiled – it doesn’t know until it is too late!!!  

Our children are not our saviors, as they have been brought up indoctrinated by the education system into the utopian dream of Socialism- they think WE are the enemy! We are cold-hearted, because we do not want to feed the world for free! The absurdity of the very idea of anything Free is so ridiculous, someone somewhere have to pay. No need to preach to the choir!

 I will refer to Aristotle’s Politics- MINUS the RACISM!  Aristotle accordingly rejects utopian schemes such as the proposal in Plato's Republic that children and property should belong to all the citizens in common. For this runs afoul of the fact that "people give most attention to their own property, less to what is communal, or only as much as falls to them to give attention" (Pol. II.3.1261b33–5). Aristotle is also wary of casual political innovation, because it can have the deleterious side-effect of undermining the citizens' habit of obeying the law (II.8.1269a13–24).

All Historians know this to be true, for civilizations usually only last for l 340 years!

I think this battle for Freedom VS Communism has been going on for centuries under the guise of many wars and much bloodshed.

If we actually begin to believe and or allow the elite left communists to BE Above the Law- this is only the beginning.

As Conservatives, we know what Covid is… We understand and can comprehend the depth of corruption… for many citizens, it is just too much to believe or want to believe. For dems who really believed in the Democratic Party, I am sad to say your Party no longer exists… it has been swallowed up as sure as a Pacman munching away! It has been taken over by the Democratic Socialist Party and or the Communist Party USA- Yes of course these parties exist- many of your senators are current members of one or both! These parties and the members are practicing Communists… That is such a joke! How does that even happen? But it is nothing new!!!

I would venture to say the Communist party came out of the closet with Viet Nam and Jane Fonda… they were proud to openly side with Communists…These are the people who are running the United States… Hippies who put on suits…

These things happened they are our history- we did not learn! We did not stop this.

As Conservatives we know 100% that our Beloved President Donald J. Trump Won by a landslide… I completely reject a phony rigged election, I reject joe biden as my president and further I believe he is an enemy of the State.

 Januarys 6th, we will find out just how deep the corruption runs when we find out if “some people” (slime balls) really are “Above the LAW”.

Pray for Justice!


May God Bless You and Your Family in the coming year,  

And my Friends, Enjoy Your Life Anyway! Do Not let them suck the Joy out of you!

Happy New Year! It’s got to get better!!

I appreciate your Membership Suzie

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