GOP Debate Demands Should Be Rejected

I'm curious to see how Conservatives feel on this subject from BusinessInsider.

Three debates into the Republican presidential contest, the candidates are staging a revolt.

Piling onto CNBC for its mediocre — but hardly scandalous — moderating last week, several campaigns are drawing up demands for the media organizations sponsoring debates during the rest of the nominating season.

Others are issuing demands on their own. Their discontent has already led to real-world changes: The Republican National Committee reshuffled staff in response.

A staff reshuffle is one thing. Anything that could harm the integrity of the debates, on the other hand, must be rejected.

Some of the changes on the table are virtually irrelevant to the public at large. It won't matter much to anyone other than micromanaging campaign staff if TV networks keep debate halls below 67 degrees or decline to televise empty podiums. At least one suggestion — that all debates be live-streamed online — would, in fact, be helpful to those who don't have cable connections.

But the potential for harm is much greater. Candidates appear to want to ban questions that require them to raise their hands or to give yes-or-no answers, on the pretext that such questions don't allow for substantive discussion. At times, that's certainly the case.

At others — such as when, in the 2012 nominating cycle, the Republican candidates raised their hands in opposition to a 10-to-1 budget deal in the GOP's favor — binary questions can produce illuminating results.


The same goes for the push to ban candidate-to-candidate questioning, or to allow campaigns to vet graphics and candidate biographies flashed on screen. Journalists should be vetting that material, not campaigns seeking soft treatment.

Another potential demand — for 30-second opening and closing statements so that the candidates can recite generally unenlightening prepared remarks — is a plainly terrible idea.

The largest danger to the process, though, is that this controversy might lead Republicans to choose to debate before conservative-friendly media organizations instead of outlets more likely to offer questions out of line with right-wing orthodoxies.

Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) suggested that irresponsible ideologues Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin or Sean Hannity moderate the GOP debates. Carly Fiorina wants the RNC to organize future debates with fringey networks such as the Blaze and One America News. The goal, it seems, is to replace perceived liberal bias among moderators with explicit and purposeful conservative bias.

Even if that doesn't happen, future moderators may now feel pressure to pull their punches, particularly if their networks want to keep hosting debates that draw high ratings.

A draft letter to television networks warns that "the quality and fairness of your moderators' questions" will determine "whether the candidates wish to participate in your future debates." This is a threat. Responsible journalists will ignore it.

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  • Hey All,

    I hope you are enjoying the Republican debates with the likes of Trump, Carly etc. The candidates are burning the floor against each other. Now we need to watch what hold in the next Fox Business Republican Debate.

    Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming November 10 GOP Debate.

    •  Welcome to the site and thank you for the info..

  • I would not have called the spectacle a debate. I found the so-called moderators tone to be unacceptable. Moderators no matter if on what is viewed as left or right MSM stations should appear neutral in their political party affiliations. Their tone should not sound angry.

    Tough questions on issues that face America allowed but the moderator needs only ask, keep the answers within allotted time. We watchers can determine if the candidate actually answered the question or was spin-lying. Lets face it most candidates fail to be specific.

    A debate should never be about the moderator or what news corporation air's. 

    Now all candidates, the candidates elite at the DNC or RNC as always makes their peculiar's known. Water at the podium a little stool so if a person is short they will appear as tall as the others, temp set to cool in order to not appear as Richard Nixon did against Mr Kennedy.

    The debate was billed as one but this we the people was most disappointed. The inept moderators lost control and they failed to have a moderate tone.

  • Whimpering column by a fifth column journo, as he or she wipes snot and blood from nose with shirtsleeve.

  • Compare the one Democrat "Love Fest" that, for instance, Bernie, the old burnt out hippie socialist, wants to add $18 Trillion in spending (over 10 years) to the (jokingly) "Federal Budget . . . the CNBC moderators were either complicit are were lacking the skill of Logic . . . my guess is they were complicit.

    Not a question was asked during the Dems "Love Fest" on how they would pay for this irrational spending.  This should have been the comeback question by the Moderators every time "the rodham" or Bernie gave something away.  The problem is that many of their voters (including the deceased) will believe there is a "free lunch" and someone else will pay for it.

    True, the Republican Candidates have created their own mess with their demands, but this is what happens when anger trumps rational thought.  The brain-dead-RNC is ultimately responsible . . . as they walked by the graveyard, whistling.

  • I agree that these candidates should be treated correctly. The debate should be about our country and economy not personal attacks on anyone.  If I want circus I would attend one. Last debate was nothing but oure hatred of all candidates. The leader of G.O.P. should be punished for allowing such non sense.

This reply was deleted.

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