Are we missing the news that matters ? Wars & Rumours of Wars

With all the finger pointing, tweeting & pot calling the kettle black news mania are we missing the truly significant life changing news ? All of these stories involve nuclear capable powers with no shortage of madmen willing to see them used !  

War in the south china sea ?

War between Pakistan & India  ?

And of course Israel & the middle east ?

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    Cyprus, Greece, and Israel to Sign Significant Pipeline Agreement in January - Behold Israel
    Amid Turkey’s growing territorial hostility in the Mediterranean, Israel to sign a new pipeline deal with both Cyprus and Greece early in 2020; This…

    US ends non-response for Iranian attacks. Iran deploys Bavar-373 missiles in Syria - DEBKAfile
    This time, US forces pushed back immediately after Iraqi Shiite militias lobbed five rockets into the big Ain Al-Assad airbase

    Russia intercepts Israeli warplanes headed to Syrian airbase, says report
    Syria's T-4 airbase is believed to house Iranian forces, the Lebanese Hezbollah terror organization and Syrian regime forces.

    And The Clinton’s Next Kill-List Victim Is… - Freedom Wire
    Epstein's personal banker just "committed suicide" before the FBI could question him. Did the Clinton Kill List claim another victim?

    Ignoring US, Turkey poised to test Russian S-400 air defense systems
    'As recently as last Thursday, a senior State Department official told reporters Turkey needed to 'get rid of' the system,' reports the pan-Arab Asha…

    Russian Transport Ship Spotted Entering Mediterranean Waters with Tanks & Armored Vehicles - Behold…
    A Russian transporter ship has been spotted entering into Mediterranean waters via the Bosphorus Strait; The ship is part of the Russian Black Sea fl…

    Tiny Dominica is China's spearhead for the Caribbean | FreePressers
    The Chinese Embassy in Dominica, outside the main capital, Roseau, is, however, disproportionately large, and clearly a b...

    Pentagon warns of Iran's expanding capabilities in new report
    'Iran will deploy an increasing number of more accurate and lethal theater ballistic missiles,' says a senior intelligence analyst.
  • Russia sets up air base in Qamishli, challenges US/Israeli air force control in northeast Syria
    DEBKAfile Exclusive Report & Analysis

    The arrival this week in Qamishli of 50 Russian military trucks, 300 troops and hardware confirmed revised US intelligence that Moscow’s military intentions in Syria have changed, as DEBKA Weekly 869 first revealed on Nov. 8.
    Until recently, US strategic experts estimated that Moscow’s interests focused on expanding its Mediterranean coastal footholds up to Libya, for which the Khmeimim air base was designed. This US assessment changed abruptly two weeks ago, when the first Russian military delegation arrived in Qamishli, capital of the Kurdish cantons in northern Syria. Moscow was now seen to be eying Qamishli airport for conversion into a major military airfield to compete with expanding US military involvement in the region.
    Since then, the Russians have signed a 48-year lease for Qamishli airport with the Kurdish proprietors, DEBKAfile reports. Substantial Russian military forces have arrived at Qamishli with an engineering unit, along with Mi-35 and Mi-8 assault helicopters and Pantsir-S air defense systems. The air strips are being expanded to take Russian fighter jets and large air freights.

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