I would like to let you know my position on HR 1 and HR 65, rewriting the voting laws in separate states.

Having reviewed both bills I find them to be both problematic and an unconstitutional attempt to steal all future elections.

The provisions for same day registration is clearly an attempt to permit voter fraud, by allowing  a person to vote in multiple precincts with out accountability. 

Disallowing the removal of voters from voting lists, even after verifying they are registered in a separate state, then permitting perpetual mail in ballots out of state, without any verification, is clearly a way to commit Voter Fraud.

If the intent is to ensure the validity of an election and the right for franchise among American Citizens only then there are cheaper and more effect ways to do this.

  1. Require Valid Photo ID cards to vote. A US Passport or Pass Card, Require all States to issue Voter Registration cards free of charge to all eligible voters at time of Automatic Registration; HR 1 Part 2 Sec 1012.
  2. Require all registrations to vote be accomplished 180 prior to the election. Voter Registration cards could be issued by Public School officials. Permit those who will age 18 or higher on to register prior to turning 18. HR 1 Part 10 Sec 1094.
  3. Require that all Voter lists be cross checked with other voter data bases to ensure individuals citizens are only registered once.
  4. Verification by Coroners in each state to verify the death of an eligible voter and prompt removal from existing data bases.
  5. Require all Notary Publics to Notarize all requests for Absentee Ballots free of Charge. 
  6. Each election must require a new request for a ballot to insure no one receives multiple Ballots.HR 1. Subtitle J—Absent Uniformed Services Voters And Overseas Voters; Sec. 1704. Use of single absentee ballot application for subsequent elections.
  7. The Federal Government stay out of State redistricting issues. Challenges can go no higher than State Supreme Court. HR 1 Title 2 Election Integrity Parts 1-3. 

This is just a quick review of this disastrous bill. 

I find it highly appalling that there’re politicians so hungry for power that they would attempt to try and pass this off as an “attempt to restore democracy”.

Thank you for your consideration.


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  • Thank You for this David- ya know the one thing they don't control is the Us Mail!!  Hmmmm... gives me an idea!

  • David, May I share this great letter to others e,g, I would copy in its entirity to pass along. Good work!

    • Please do. That is why I write these. I send them to my my Rep Jody Hice Ga10, and Senators.

      I post them as open letters so they can be used. Use them as is or edit them if you feel a need.


This reply was deleted.

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