America Is Being Invaded By Illegal Migrants

This act to defund border security is a direct violation of Article 4, Section 4. clause 1 of the US Constitution... The Biden Administration is officially obstructing justice, aiding and abetting criminal conduct, harboring illegal aliens, and openly refuses to repel the migrant invasion. These radical nationalists arrive waiving their own nations' flags, and immediately begin hostile protests, designed to create mass confusion and lawlessness in their populations and among our neighborhoods. 

The increased criminal conduct in America along our Southern Border... is directly attributable to our Marxist neighbors and their cohorts in Washington, DC. America is engaged in an asymmetrical war for our nation's soverignty, along our Southern Border, whether the Democrat Party acknowledges it or not.  Our nation is under attack by the migratory agents of lawlessness, drugs, and human trafficking. Crime and disease accompany these indigent aliens wherever they land.  It is obvious that Pres. Biden and the Marxist Democrat Party have opened the flood gates of illegal immigration, It is a key element in their Marxist transformation of America.  The Democrat Party has become a major threat to our national security.  America is in danger of collapsing under the weight of illegal migration.

These indigent migrant populations are ill-equipped to live in the United States... without massive government funding and support. They are not familiar with our language, culture, or laws. These aliens are the soldiers of asymmetrical war and have put a huge strain on our federal, state, and local government social services programs. The citizens of the United States are being exposed to the ravages of serious criminal enterprises and dangerous infectious diseases including COVID. Our social services are overloaded and going bankrupt. Unscreened illegal migrants are too often carriers of serious communicable diseases and the social chaos created by the criminal element among them is destabilizing our neighborhoods.

The US Constitution provides every STATE with the right to defend its borders and soverignty from INVASION... until properly relieved by the Federal Government. It is obvious that the Federal Government refuses to properly secure our Southern Border and is now threatening to cut funding for border security by 96%.  The several States need to convene a national security council to formulate and issue a plan for defending against the invasion along our Southern Border, until the Federal Government secures our border the State's must act or we will lose our Nation to the hordes of indigents South of our Border.

America's states must not only secure the border... they must identify and deport ALL of the illegal aliens in America. The States must act to enforce the current Naturalization and IMmigration law... not as amended or bypassed by illegal Executive Orders, or bureaucratic regulation. The States must enforce the law as originally intended by Congress. They must ignore the rewritten and gerrymandered version offered as law.  To that end, the states must discuss and create nullification laws and anti-commandeering strategies and tactics that counter the despicable treason taking place in DC.

America Is Being Invaded By Illegal Migrants... and Pres. Biden wants to cut border security by 96% - Forum - Tea Party Command Center (

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