A Budget for a Better America

A Budget for a Better America – President’s Budget FY 2020



The President's pro-growth economic agenda, MAGAnomics, has unleashed the American economy, resulting
in a rapid increase in jobs and opportunity for American workers. Unemployment remains near historic lows,
millions of jobs have been created, household incomes are rising, and GDP grew by 3.1 percent over the four
quarters of 2018.
The President's 2020 Budget builds upon this incredible success and continues to keep his promises to the
American people. It continues the President’s pro-job creation policies, keeps taxes low, combats the opioid
epidemic, protects our veterans, defends our Nation, and secures our borders.
However, one of the largest threats to continued economic prosperity is our Nation’s unsustainable debt,
which climbed to more than $22 trillion this year. If nothing is done, net interest payments alone on the
Federal Government’s debt will double by 2023 and exceed spending on our military by 2024.
That is why this Budget lays out the President’s continued vision to drive down deficits by bringing spending
below the post-war average while continuing to make investments in critical priorities. Such spending
restraint, coupled with the President’s tax cuts and deregulatory policies, will keep our economy thriving and
America prosperous for generations to come.

Read more https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/FY20-Fact-Sheet_Overview_FINAL.pdf


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  • Kos, I just love you but I disagree with the tax reform stance you take.

    • Well tax reform doesn't mean adding to our national debt, in my mind

      • Hi,

        I think the budget depends on so many issues... where spending will go -first has to be decided... government budgets are a joke... all of them! There is nothing but a great big tug of war in DC and we are the mud in the middle!

  • He should have vetoed the tax break then, if he wanted a balanced budget.  Sure looks like he's taking care of the wealthy and we're having to pay for it.

  • I'm not happy to see promises he made when campaigning, broken.

    "USA is in debt." Yet they gave the huge tax break which put us even deeper in debt. 

    So the wealthy get the tax breaks (check) and military gets more money (check) but everything for the small taxpayer pays the price.  It seems more money shift to the top and I, myself am so tired of it.  The inequality train continues to chug.

    Now they're trying to convince everyone of a new monetary policy (MMT) which theorizes that debt doesn't matter if you print your own money.  What's your take on that?  Never did like "new math" in school.  lol   http://stockbuz.net/articles/everyone-s-talking-about-mmt-but-what-...

    Everyone's Talking About MMT, But What Is It, And Will It Work?
    Maybe you've never heard of MMT (Modern Monetary Theory). But no doubt, as the 2020 election nears, you will. It's the latest contentious buzzword to…
    • Kos, The President has tried and continues to fulfill his campaign promises but there is this pesky problem setting out there called Congress. One side of the aisle being the increasingly left-wing socialist and desperate to be back in power and the other side of the aisle many not the President supporters. The dem's goal has been to create utter chaos and blame the President for all their efforts to do that.

      What I think is that all of us should be angry with those who seem to be so hate filled that that hate drives them to NOT do the things that is right for this country.

      The concept of inequality rich vs all others is certainly nothing new.  My goodness the percentage of those who pay little to no fed and state income tax is real. Sales tax and sin tax hurt the poor more. So what's new. 

      Equal to others well that is an individual's self belief. Victim or not self belief of an individual. The playing field will never ever be equal for all.

      One of the major issues I see is that today we in truth are witnessing a class issue. The overclass, call it the aristocracy, and the rest of us. Issues mentioned that HC carried around in her deplorable basket was done to stir division and for purposes of deflection from the overclass  doings and what's new here?

      The modern monetary policy I would agree is evil. 

      The President can not achieve or come close to a balanced budget. The work for that lies in Congress. 

    • Hi there,

      When was the last time the US was debt free? or had a balanced budget? 

       This is the answer-So why expect it now?

      Jan. 8, 1835
      When The U.S. Paid Off The Entire National Debt (And Why It Didn't Last) On Jan. 8, 1835, all the big political names in Washington gathered to celebrate what President Andrew Jackson had just accomplished. A senator rose to make the big announcement: "Gentlemen ... the national debt ... is PAID."
      • And here is Russias debt clock


        Russia Debt Clock: How Do Multiple Layers Of Government Affect National Debt? - Commodity.com
        Last Updated on June 8, 2020 ContentsThe National Debt Of RussiaWho manages Russia’s national debt?What debt instruments does the government of Russi…
  • All I have to say is percent changes to agencies obviously can help lower the deficit I should think. Clearly approations to carried in the budget to some 501X.s, to Planned Parenthood etc. would add up to clear savings and they should start with the Heritage Blueprint as a guideline.

    What is the debt that USA can bare I do not know I do know in the 1st term of O that was a hot topic -- has to affect the GDP. Never have heard an answer to the question.

    In my common sense thought debt is out of control.

    While china and other countries loan to the USA do they own us? Kinda. China is taking over the resources of many countries by awarding $$'s they can or could never have paid back and China ends up owning resources they desire.

    Bottom line USA is in debt.

  • 7610338873?profile=original

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