2022 The Great Take Back



Hello Members, Friends, and fellow Patriots,

Every year we have the opportunity to write a new book, 365 blank pages lay in front of us”… Blah… Blah… Blah…

“As we approach the New Year”… Blah… Blah… Blah…

I am certain there are enough optimistic/pessimistic, insightful, educational, year-end newsletters floating around in your inbox that you don’t really need another one…

So, let’s just get down to the bottom line 2020/2021 Sucked- Big Time!

The demands placed upon society, and the subsequent changes in our “way of life”, our Traditions, and yes the very Freedom that our Country was founded upon, have been “fundamentally changed” perhaps forever!

I could write a novel just listing all the changes we have come to accept but you already know –there is no need for redundancy!  Suffice it to say some change is NOT always good for society, and most often you will find someone with a nice fat bank account is behind the worst of these changes…The elite seems to be lacking in  GOOD conscience.

 “Conscience is a cognitive process that elicits emotion and rational associations based on an individual's moral philosophy or value system.”

  Of course, we know change is a part of life, it is inevitable. That sounds fine and dandy, however the problem lies in the fact that most of the time people being people rarely agree on these changes. The plan to divide and concur became more evident during the Obama years and has been continually perpetuated under the false flag of Racism or any other convenient ISM that can be utilized…


The blatant disrespect for LAW, Constitutional Law, which runs rampant through the Halls of our Great Congress, has become the “norm”. People barely blink an eye when our leaders openly lie, cheat and steal. And we question how these acts trickle down into our society! These folks, our elected leaders, are examples for today’s children! Folks will turn a blind eye to crime happening right in front of them- worse yet- they will film it while someone is beaten, robbed, or assaulted in any number of horrible ways- the worse the video the better for Facebook thumbs up!

Over the years we have heard the words “apocalyptic”, we have seen the movies- in fact, some scenes from movies such as “Escape from LA” could easily be scenes from the lawlessness in Chicago, Portland and other cities across America. Go ahead see what happens when you do stupid things such as “Defund the Police”. Sure just like in any line of work- there are some bad cops- but for the most part- these folks put their life on the line every day for our safety.

 And here is a thought- if we can engineer a huge semi-truck to drive itself across America- and so many other fantastic advances in technology- how come we cannot engineer a weapon that is NOT as deadly as a bullet?  

Why isn’t there more research in the area of mental health and general stress levels- heightened thousands of times by the Virus? And where is the research for those who already suffered from depressions? Now shut in behind a mask that robs them of their identity and human-ness.  In short, we have become desensitized!

We gave them an inch and they continue to take miles… why? because we let them!  The "three initial" branches of Law Enforcement do not bring charges and when they do- corrupt democratic-funded judges do not prosecute!  

We are ALL AMERICANS of EVERY RACE and COLOR! We are in this together!  As the saying goes We all Bleed RED!

2022 The Great Take Back!

Remember their goal IS to divide and concur!

So, in summary, this New Year, the job is to vote Conservatives into every position from your Local School Board and up! We as Conservatives Must begin to rebuild from the ground up!! We must take a page from their playbook- we must infiltrate every industry!  We must take back our schools! We must rebuild our FAITH! We must strengthen Family Units! We must support local businesses! Start a group- anything to promote positivity*

 Conservatives must become the GLUE that binds Americans together!

We CAN DO THIS! Together! 


 Site News!

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In January, it will be my pleasure to Feature Mr. Daniel John Sobieski 

I wish to thank each of you for your support of this website. I have always said the site is only as good as its members! That is why we are so GREAT!

This is also the time when I must ask for financial support for this website. This is a member-supported website and it is in need of YOUR SUPPORT!

I realize that you are hit at every corner for donations- but if you enjoy this site please Donate! and SHARE!!! SHARE!! SHARE!!


I wish you a Healthy, Happy ad Hopeful New Year! 

Thank you for your membership,




*As an example, In reading my town Facebook page it was evident that folks were very much in need of “the Human touch” so I started a Local walking Group on Facebook called Hemet Smiles “Happy Walkers and Talkers”.  This will not only promote positivity, and social unity – it will also help me stick to my New Years' resolution of walking more! The group has already grown to 25 members!  You can do this!


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